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Blind Leading the Blind


I can't imagine the type of depraved person that would honestly troll the beginners section. How wrong are you in the head to do that?

So... In that vein I just assume the newest blind member that feels the need to lead the other blind is honestly "trying to help". We've all been there, and I get it, but...

Here is a tip to would be posters who are newbs themselves:

It doesn't matter how many videos or studies or articles you have read, if you haven't lived it or trained someone directly to success stop giving advice.

Here is a tip about who to listen to:

Would you hire someone who just graduated law school with a 4.0 to defend you in a murder case over the guy who has been working in REAL WORLD for 7 years and defended 13 murder cases so far? No, so stop taking advice from other beginners that haven't accomplished anything but logging >9000 hours watching scoopy on youtube and reading about lifting. There comes a point where you have to put your book knowledge to use, or it becomes a waste of time to have "learned" it in the first place.

Every college junior thinks they have it all figured out, and they know more than everyone else. It typically takes working in the industry before they realize how much they really just don't know. If you can't apply your "knowledge", you really don't know it.

This forum is a clusterbomb and the vets that could be helping aren't getting paid for it, so it makes it tough to wade through a million posts that are awful to answer a simple question. To add to it: answering a question is one thing, but to have to spend 4 posts refuting the idiocy of others is just too much after awhile.




I like where your heads at Beans but unfortunately I dont think it will do any good. Those same posters will just ignore this thread.

I was recently thinking of starting a "Bio Thread" for people. Something where people could post a pic or two and list their stats or whatever so people could know who actually trains, look like they train and know what they're talking about... That way newbies could look and see "Hey that guy is built. He probably knows what he's talking about" but I couldnt quite figure out how I wanted to do it (or if it would even go anywhere) so I just said forget it lol.

Hopefully some of these beginners will read your OP and just listen more/post less.


Very much agreed.

However... "A little knowledge is a dangerous thing."

Something that confuses things are lifters who've had a bit of personal success (building their own body), and take that as "proof" that their way is best. Applying info is definitely good, but it gets murky when dudes who've been lifting a few years and added some muscle and strength vehemently contradict trainers with much deeper track records.

I get ya, and I agree. But something similar occasionally happens when more experienced members end up arguing with each other. Multiple opinions/sources of input are definitely useful, but unnecessarily confusing newbies isn't at all.

This is a pretty interesting idea, seeing who's who and what's what. But really, you probably already know that the problem isn't going to be people not reading it, it's going to be some advice-givers conveniently not having any pictures to put up.


Wins my vote for best thread of the year.


Ha, as a law student, I sign off on this analogy being full of win.


Good post cb!


Teledin, you're in Australia.... why dont you look around over there, find that new retard poster thats spouting his bullshit in the beginners forum and slap the shit out of him for all of us? kthanks



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I think we all need to hug it out and really just learn when to post and when to not/stop posting. The nutrition section was fine for me for a while than the stupidest questions got asked when you can Google search it yourself. Once you do that THEN ask in the forums for personal experiences.

I suggested sticky of N.O. and creatine thread so there isn't 100 of them.



Wouldn't surprise me if he was some dip shit from my gym. The crap I here every day makes me want to go postal.


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I think that happens with any forum, though - best to just reply to the threads you feel are worthy, ignore the ones you don't, and take time off when you get to the point that you want to slap somebody. Every question is going to fall into one of two categories: facts and experience. Every question that deals with facts (what exercises target the piriformis?) can be researched outside the forums, and every question that deals with experience (whats the best time to go to the gym?) is just going to result in a lot of people giving conflicting answers, and ultimately wont matter to the OP, because the answers will only be about someone elses experience, and probably wont reflect theirs.

I totally understand the frustration - dealing with the same questions over and over is annoying, but you don't have to deal with them. Besides, people don't actually read stickys, especially when the reply count is 500+. Given the options, though, I'd rather have forums which can produce valid discussion than the only replies being "Look it up yourself" or "Try it for yourself"


Also, I'm tickled by use of the term "honestly troll" :slight_smile:


most important post in thread.




I concede everything you have said. I should not be giving ANY advice for a LONG time. I would just like to say though that I have seen serious bodybuilders/gym junkies build like brick walls who don't even know how to bench press properly(all end of with rotator cuff injuries). These and other similar observations together with my (perceived, perhaps) better theoretical knowledge on SOME aspects of lifting, led me to the false assumption that I was qualified to advise on things I believed I knew. Other things that led me to this false belief was observing worldclass experts in certain sporting professions who had NEVER played the sport they taught in their lift, but really knew their stuff. Cus D'Amato comes to mind. The boxing 'scientist' who never sparred in his life but was able to produce, arguably the greatest heavyweight boxer of the 20th century(at least in his prime): Mike Tyson.

I am not attempting to defend my former posts. I concede that I was wrong and that I should stop posting and start listening to those with experience.

Also, I'm not a fan of Scooby. I don't believe he knows enough about nutrition to give advice(here I go again) e.g. He states he eats NO SALT whatsoever. In another video he wriths in pain from a muscle cramp. Possible salt deficiency? He throws all his egg yolks away because he doesn't want cholesterol even though that's what the body uses to convert to testosterone(yes the body makes its own cholesterol but we still need some in our food.) He recommends soy products which have been shown to raise estrogen levels significantly. And he's adamant lifts should be precise 2:2. No explosive lifting either. Always 'good form' yet he needs rotator cuff surgery. That being said, I concede also that he has decades of experience and I have none. My motives in giving advice have been good. i.e. to ensure other nubes who haven't done research don't get cramps and possibly thyroid problems etc from this sort of advice. To ensure that the nube who asked about '50+ reps range for 'toning muscle' got an answer that attempted to dissuade him from this ridiculous exercise(it can strengthen tendons however but that's not what he was trying to do.)

But to get back to my main point. I concede everything you say and I will not give anymore advice until I have gained a great deal more experience. I'm sorry if any of my posts have caused any misunderstandings for anyone.


Once again, I apologise for all of my shortcomings. Thank you for setting me straight. I will no longer bother anyone here with my presence. All the best.


If you are a honest guy that like to discuss and you are not a troll, check out PWI.
use the beginner, BBforum and powerlifting forum to learn about lifting, but take you`r arguments to PWI.


yeah cause the PWI forum isnt complete shit lol.