Blind Bodybuilder 'Facing Goliath': A Great Story

Facing Goliath (DVD)


The award winning and nationally broadcast documentary about Ray Taylor and his natural bodybuilding friend, Sebastian MacLean.

When at age 50 Ray discovers that he is going blind, he is challenged by Sebastian to begin a journey of physical and emotional transformation. Facing Goliath follows Ray as he changes from a 232lb couch Potatoe into a competetive bodybuilder.

Competing in the world of bodybuilding together, Ray and Sebastian both discover what it means to face challenges that at first seem too big to handle. By facing giant challenges, these men find that a little faith and heart can change everything.

(full length movie)

.liking the bit I’ve seen so far. good stuff thanks mate

It’s quite inspiring for anybody that would like to change.

He lost a large amount of fat too.

Let me know what you think when you are finished.

Didn’t get a chance to see all of it, but enjoyed what I was able to see.

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[quote]Bona wrote:
Didn’t get a chance to see all of it, but enjoyed what I was able to see.[/quote]

Cool pun bro.

That was a nice video. Pretty amazing stuff.

Really enjoyed this doc.

It was ok.

I liked it and it was inspiring, but I guess I thought it could have been done better.