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Blew Back Out. When to Go Heavy Again?


Long story short, I was pressed for time and warmed up deads improperly. Blew my lower back out 5 days ago. I was stuck in bed for 2 days. Today I can finally walk without any pain, but I still feel a little achy when sitting down.

I've never had a legitimate muscle injury before, so how long should I wait till I can start utilizing it again in compound movements. I can do without deads for a while, but I'm really interested in how soon I can start squatting again.


Is it just centralized back pain or is the pain also present in other places besides your back? Typically when my back would go out I'd take a month or two off. Have you considered seeing a doc?

I wish the best, Im suffering from a protuding disc and im hoping by this one year marker ill be able to at least squat again.


it's pretty simple: is there pain through your full DL range of motion without load? you can do that ROM. IS there pain in any ROM or speed with load? reduce each variable till you find the zoen where you can work WITHOUT PAIN.

keep moving.

if pain, stop,
start with no load
check ROM
check Speeds
Check load

reduce each to where there's no pain and work that
learn mobility drills



Yo, man. I'm not tryin' to say people on this site don't know what thay're talking about, but 8 have two bulging disks from when I was 20 and dumb. And I just started to seriously train last summer, took a break over the winter and started again in May. Get a good Doc's oopinion. One that actually has pain patients, check MRI and go from there. I don't know exactly what ya did but better safe than never able to lift again!


Going to apply this to my own similar situation. Thanks!


Please let me know how it goes
A good form check for your dl is great too

Seeing your doc if pain persists is a good idea in case it's something weird
But seeing a movement specialist can get you moving well faster and your performance up

dr mc schraefel, phd
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