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Blessed Genetics or Reluctance to Share?


I'm working as a camp counselor, and one of the kids is, from what I've heard, a Georgia state-ranked high school wrestler (not sure if it's freestyle, folkstyle, etc.). The shorts conceal the wheels, but he likes wearing sleeveless shirts. For a high schooler, he has pretty impressive arms but not only that, he has thick traps and thick and wide lats.

When my fellow counselor asked him how he got so big, he simply replied, "Good genes." I asked him how much he does in the big three lifts--bench, squat, and deadlift--but he says he doesn't do any of them because of shoulder problems. He wouldn't say what other exercises, if any, he did that helped him produce his arms and back.

Can "good genes" actually do that much for you, or is he just reluctant to share his program with others? I don't think wrestling alone can produce that kind of physique.


I'm going to take a wild guess and say that you don't even look like you lift weights if someone were to see you shirtless at the beach, SO going on that notion...

Your idea of what "pretty impressive arms" and "thick traps/lats" is subject to a lot of scrutiny.


Does anyone else think the OP comes off as a creeper? Checking out highschool boys arms and traps as a summer camp counselor? OP one question.... Do you have a mustache?



My BJJ coach doesn't 'work out' but he does do BJJ pretty much all the time and is like 40 now. He's a built guy. I'd say if you were a teen and you trained in your sport day in day out and had good genes you could have a good build. Throwing people around for an hour a day will definitely pack the meat on you.

Not sure what impressive wheels he has though. Not sure you'd get much more than upper body development doing grappling.


This is what I was thinking too.


Oh come on.

In high school there were several guys who were more developed than me, and I definitely looked at their physiques with a bit of awe. Heck there was this one really athletic dude (I think he later went on to play soccer at a pro level) and he was fucking shredded. I mean he looked like an anatomy chart. And yes, sometimes I would look at him and marvel a little bit. No homo.


ozzyaaron and destroyedquads, thanks for the responses. To the others, I hope none of you is planning on being the next John E. Douglas; don't quit your day jobs at the very least.


Computer says there is a 99.998257 percent chance that the op is less developed than MOST high school aged boys.

Computer also says that perhaps I should make sure my own kids aren't oggled by camp counselors who are this amazed that everyone isn't tiny.

I don't "bench, squat or deadlift" either.

Oh no.


Don't feign politeness. If you want to call me a pederast, do it. If you like insulting people you've never met in person, hey, it's America and it's the Internet, go for it. But remember, I didn't ask you to waste a few minutes of your life replying to someone you think is a child molester. You voluntarily did so. Give yourself a pat on the back, professor.


Dude - you should head over to the RMP forum then.

LOADS of skinny teenaged boys to ogle - shirtless too.

We've renamed it "Pederast's Paradise" because of all the underdeveloped 13 year olds there...

Seriously though, what do you expect dude? You have no pics, no background info and it took you only 40 posts to start talking about the musculature of adolescent boys. This is a community - you want people to not think you're a troll, then become a part of the community by not being just another anonymous douchebag....


Exactly. Since none of us could possibly know what the OP thinks "built" looks like, and since most of the people here are making ZERO progress and think anyone who is active is "big", what the hell does this guy expect?

I knew big dudes growing up who only did push ups and sit ups before bed....and they were bigger than most of the people here.

I've said it before, but some of you guys more than likely just suck and aren't used to seeing anyone else who has better genetics for building muscle than you do.

Sorry if that's harsh, but it's pretty much true.


I can take this type of post. I don't mind it. If the professor is giving me straight, no bullshit talk and contributing to the thread constructively, I accept and thank him. What I don't much care for is people insinuating none too subtly that I'm a child molester.


You whine...a whole fucking lot. You were answered previously you sensitive little flower. That was why I wrote that I don't bench, squat or deadlift....yet you ignored this to whine about being called creepy for looking at little kids.....because you were looking at little kids and are a camp counselor.

I am not sure what thinking mind with even an ounce of manhood behind it could think it could log onto a site like this, post that, and not expect to catch any ribbing from it from other guys.

You make no damn sense at the moment...but I bet this thread hits 2 pages at least.


Of course it will.

Haha, if he asked the boy to drop down his pants to see his wheels, now, THAT would be creepy.


Let me get this straight. Writing "If the professor is giving me straight, no bullshit talk and contributing to the thread constructively, I accept and thank him" makes me a "sensitive little flower"? Apparently, your mother never taught you the golden rule.

If a professor is so liberal with the insults, maybe I should raise myself to his level: I made a mistake for thinking that a guy with a PhD from Affirmative Action U would have enough reading comprehension to see that I had accepted his previous post's harshness in full and was merely asking to be treated with respect.


Is it two pages yet?





Ignorant troll is ignorant.


Given the fact that the only one you responded to directly about the implications of your creepiness was X and the fact that you are making race based insinuations (Affirmative Action U), I would like to add bigot to the description as well.

Come on, what have you got for ME by way of a response? After you stop stroking to teenage boys, of course.

And to answer your question, yes, some people have very good genetics when it comes to building muscle or physique potential. My brother doesn't touch a weight, but he is a lean 220 and is ripped up like an anatomy chart. I am only about 5'8" but I have been 280 at about 15% without any supps or PEDs and I am 240 right now even though I have been unable to lift or workout for 3 months and have probably been taking in less than 2000 cals a day on average. And in my family, my brother and I are the runts.

There, I have insulted you and answered your question.


OP you never answered my question so my deductive reasoning leads me to believe you do in fact have a mustache!