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Blends vs. Individual Compounds


I have access to several blends such as this one Test E/Tren E/Decca/Test C is there any benefit to using the seperate compounds or is the blend the same


is the test e/tren e a seperate blend from the decca/test c?


Yeah i cant imagine anyone making a blend with Tren and Deca in it...!


I have heard of a cutting stack blend, by tigerblood. its mast,tren,test p.


yes that is one blend all 4 compounds. I know the 4 is extreme but is a blend in general the same thing as using seperate compounds


Yes. It's just less versatile with regards to dosing. Different esters allows for higher concentrations so the total oil volume per injection will be lower.

There are pros and cons.


thanks for all of the input


Wow, if I were you I wouldn't come anywhere close to the blend you first mentioned, and I would be leery of the person who is selling it/making it.


x2 on Bonez217 statement.

Because they can get more gear into a ml of a blend than a straight single compound you have to inject less volume which is very nice. The drawback is that you can't adjust the compound proportions or drop a compound if it is giving you issues.


Anyone heard of this blend Bio-TS400?

â?¢Testosterone Propionate 30 mg
â?¢Testosterone Phenylpropionate 40 mg
â?¢Testosterone Isocaproate 30 mg
â?¢Testosterone Decanoate 200 mg
â?¢Testosterone Enanthate 50mg
â?¢Testosterone Cypionate 50mg

thoughts anyone?


It's testosterone. What kind of questions do you have about it?


sorry bonez, i reconize some of the esters from sustanon but cant find anything on the Isocaproate.

Also I was wodering if you wouldnt mind breaking down for me the pros of a blend. the enth and cyp doses seem low to me. Are the blends good because the short esters kick in early and the longer acting esters like build up over the weeks? I just dont see the appeal of taking the blends.


Sorry about the poor spelling and grammer in my last post. I just re-read it, and I sounds a 15 yo.


Isocaproate is similar to enanthate. Youd be injecting that compound EOD. I personally wouldnt ever CHOOSE a blend. But it would work fine. THe long esters would take some time to clear. You'd inject the amount based on the total dose of all esters.


So If i wanted to run 600mgs a week, doing 3 shots of .5cc m-w-f would suffice with this blend? Again, thanks for humoring me.


While this thread is bumped....

I was thinking the other day about the 2 week on/2 week off cycles... and I'd like to give it a try some day... obviously, you'd use fast acting esters like acetate/prop/phenylprop...

Would test acetate and test prop hold at 75/75mg per ml? I'd be convenient to shoot 1cc/day for ~1000mg test/week.

Anyone ever tried something like this?


It should hold but why? Like Bonez, FG and others I've rarely used blends and when I did it was always blends of different compounds like test and deca or test and tren. Multi-esters of the same product like test in Sust I have always shied away from. Like FG blends can be great since you can get more per ml/cc but you are locked into the ratio so you better be ultra sure since clearly you can't change your mind.

Upon reflection if you main reason for wanting to blend test ace and prop is so you shoot 1cc of the blend rather than 1.5cc of either individually I suppose I would say ok its not the worse idea in the world. Then again we are talking about just an extra .5cc.

I will/should let the real brewmeisters answer the blending question. I do know test ace and prop are not the easiest blenders/blendee's and so if you cannot met the 75/75 dose level and need to drop to 50/50 then truly whats the point?


Thanks saps. I know it's only an extra .5 cc's, but you can't use 1.5cc's in a slin pin, which I've been having a lot of success using to shoot delts.

It surely wouldn't be a problem to use a small needle on a 3cc barrel, but I was just curious.

And yeah, if 75/75 doesn't hold I wouldn't even bother with 50/50, I'd just use prop at 100mg/ml.

As for multi estered products, I've never used any. I have no desire to use sust or a mix of test, tren, deca, eq, insert compound here... but I figured having two really fast estered test's together might as well just be test prop, and since I'd be shooting it ED, it would just be a high concentration, fast acting test that will still clear in 2-3 days.

Thanks again


Fair enough. If using slin pins which I like as well you might consider using bis and tris and in this case the extra volume would be prefered for fascia stretching


Just something on testosterone blends.

At first when u use them its a bit funny...you have several peaks throughout the day as different esters start to release/convert.

I notice this very distinctly...like small bumps/surges throughout the day.

Doesnt bother me much but bothers some people.