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Blending Templates for Work


Hey Jim I've followed your programs as written for a long time now and have learned a couple things along the road. I wanted to get your thoughts/ possible approval on this idea. I work outside and I'm on my feet all day and its taping into my recovery.

Couple of ideas
1)I would like to blend FSL and the triumvirate template.
2)9 day training cycle ( Train every other day with 72 hours rest at end)
3)Only go for rep maxes on NON FSL training days when feeling good.

Example training cycle
a) Bench
Pause Bench FSl 3x5
Pushups 3x

B) Deadlift
Deficit DL 3x10
Pullups 3x

C) Press
DB Press 5x10

D) Squat
Pause SQ FSl 3x5

The next 6 week cycle I could switch it up and DO FSL for the other two lifts and do more higher volume stuff for the other two. Just an idea thanks for your time!


Quick question friend what is your bodyweight, your training maxes and most importantly your goal. thanks


“Only go for rep maxes on NON FSL training days when feeling good.” - I’d go for rep maxes on your FSL days.

Remember these two important things:

  1. Training is about the principles, not the template. However, some templates are great, some are complete shit.
  2. Training should be more than just lifting weights.


Thanks again Jim!