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Blending Oats?

Hi. Quick simple question.

Instead of cooking oats on the hob with milk, is it ok to whack it all in the blender instead without cooking it?

I did it this morning with my protein and carbs mix with a spoon of honey before my early morning workout but now I’m thinking I’m I losing any nutrients or making a mistake by not cooking the oats? … should I be having something a bit more substantial than just liquid for my pre-workout breakfast?

I’ve made shakes with oats uncooked before. I don’t know if cooking them will give you any added benefits from not cooking them.

Imo your fine go for it, I think it makes a good addition to your shake.


I throw my oats in some milk and let them absorb for about 30 minutes in the fridge before I throw them in a shake.

I’m surprised by how many times this is asked.

I think you lose nutrients when you cook a food. Naw you’re alright I used to put em in my 1k shake. No problem at all.

If I’m strapped for time in the morning(which is the norm)I throw the raw oats, Grow! Whey, banana, almond meal, and PB in the blender with some water and call it good enough.