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Blenderbottle on Sale at Amazon.com


I know everyone loves these. Hadn't seen a post on it yet, but they have the 28 ounce blue bottles on sale for $7.15
Just figured some would want to know.


Bought 3 of the 5 I own from the grocery store (no idea why they had them) for 5 bucks each. They were on a flash sale end aisle and I've never seen them there since. 7 bucks ain't bad though.


Cool, think I'm going to pick up one of these.

Also OP, wow 5 years of lurking before you finally broke your silence!


How much are these guys retail by all of you? I get em at the local VShoppe for like 7$


Yeah GNC sells them around 6-7 bucks. Great investment.




Checked the local GNC here last week they wanted $9 plus tax, so I figured I would order them online to at least cut out the tax and found these. Obviously not a smoking deal but I ordered 4, and free shipping let me be lazy. :-p Besides.. I hate buying anything from GNC.

Yea, I read quite a bit and turned a few people onto the site.. I actually thought I had posted before but when I started the thread I found out otherwise. :wink:


It was the thought of people overpaying on blender bottles by 2 bucks that made him say: "Fuck this I've had enough"


good to know....


My next invention will be the blender ball that will turn any shaker into the blender bottle. I will sell them for $2.50 a piece and profit.