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Blender Suggestions?

I’m looking at a budget of ~$100 or less when it comes to blenders. Being a broke college student, I spent 17 bucks for a blender at wal-mart. BAD idea. I’ve burned two of them out so far trying to make a good thick, hearty shake. Metabolic Drive is a beast. Anywho, would anyone have any good suggestions? I’m getting sick of using my dinky little magic bullet.

try the Ninja…about $65 at kohls or target…turns my protein shakes into fuckin ice cream, more ice than water plus good amount of salt

hahaha magic bullet god did I get sucked into that one.

I used to go through the crappy plastic container blenders myself, always cursing them when they always crapped out. Last year I invested in a Cuisinart brand with a Food Processor attachment (just a different ‘container’ with larger blade assortments). The thing’s a monster. Utterly destroys ice cubes in the blink of an eye -lol. Definitely makes blending a bit more fun as I work the multitude of buttons on the console. I think it listed at about $125, but it was on sale, and then I had a bed,Bath & Beyond coupon, so it came in at about $90. A solid investment if you ask me.


I have an Oster 16 speed which works great: http://www.oster.com/ProductDetails.aspx?pid=2906

It has a special smoothie kit you can buy separately, so aren’t constantly having to take apart and wash the large container: http://www.oster.com/ProductDetails.aspx?pid=2025

Ninja Master prep is about $40 and it is a BEAST.


Thanks for the suggestions folks, I’ll definitely check these out!

I got a cheap one at wal-mart that couldn’t even chop ice, and was pretty worthless.

Then I got a “fancy” oster at wal-mart, that cost a whopping 30-40 bucks, and it chops ice pretty good, and can do chop veggies if desperate, and works okay.

Immersion blender, multi speed, Broan. Don’t have to wash a blender container EVERY time it’s used. Just get a bunch of sturdy 32oz plastic cups, blend, rinse blades, walk away with shake. Blade attachment works well w/ crushed ice and split frozen strawberries and raw oats.

EDIT: Even if the removable blender attachment reads “Not Dishwasher Safe” put it in the dishwasher every once in a while blades up. I hand wash it most of the time.

[quote]Lunarisx718 wrote:
Ninja Master prep is about $40 and it is a BEAST.


Son, I beg you to learn about “torque” and “horsepower.”

I would love a Vitamix but spending $400 on a blender is a bit rich for me (really rich). I say you can get something good up to about $150 (so like $80-150 range).

I’ve been through a few myself.

I have one of these and it was about $30.

It will bend fruit quite well, and it’s easier to clean than a blender’s bottle.