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Blender Suggestion


I own a Magic Bullet which used to worked well but few days a go, it broke up. Do you have any suggestions for a good blender? A blender which offers the same possibilities to crush, blend and grind.

I also own a braun hand shaker.

Thanks for any suggestions.

If you have the cash nothing will beat a Vitamix. Last blender youll ever buy them damn things will crush bricks


Can also check out:

They even have a website devoted to blending cool stuff…like CHUCK NORRIS!


The rest of the vids…


Oh…and it ain’t cheap!

I’m very happy with the Braun blender I purchased for $35 on Amazon. It was recommended by Consumer Reports and is actually very good. Haven’t had a problem and it mixes some thick shakes easily.

I’ve had several Oyster’s, and they all sucked!

Thanks for the suggestions guys, geez! 700$ bucks for a blender. I cant afford that much. Did you guys buy such blender??

[quote]grimskunk wrote:
Did you guys buy such blender??[/quote]

Nope. I’m using a blender I got from someone as they moved out of my apartment complex…they gave it to me for free.

What’s nice about that blendtec blender is that if the need ever arose where you had to create a life raft with motor…and all you had was bamboo and that blender, I’m pretty sure you could pull it off!