Blender Smelling Like Smoke

just making a normal shake, noticed there was a huge amount of friction in the rotating blade because it sounded like it was grating against something. then smelled like smoke, so i guess i need a new blender.

is there anything special about blenders i should know before i buy another, or any recommendations?

washing it might help

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I saw that on tv, looked fun, but small.

I use my magic bullet a couple times a day…
the smoke smell is most likely the motor burning out… I had a cheap blender before and the design of it made it that the heat stayed in the motor… it couldnt get out fast enough… took about 3 weeks for it to die…

I’ve had the magic bullet for half a year now and it hasnt started to smell yet…

The Magic Bullet is convenient but very small. I like my shakes more watery, so I need to use 1 scoop of Metabolic Drive per shake, twice per meal. Otherwise pretty good performance thus far.

i think mine is pretty high quality-vitablend?
did oyu use your blender when it was dying down; is it safe to do so?

last thin i want is a blender’s circuitry exploding on me and still didnt blend fully.

It could be a bearing that sh-- the bed on you from the sound you describe. If you can take it apart, appliance stores stock parts for the more popular brands.


Get a Blendtec Blender… this fuckin thing will blend anything:

smoke smell means that the electronics are f*cked up.

get a new one.

get a reputable brand.

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Get a Blendtec Blender… this fuckin thing will blend anything:
Will It Blend? - Hockey Pucks - YouTube [/quote]

LMAO at the light bulbs sparking.