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Blender Bottle


I just got one and I love it!

I don't think I'm that stupid, but with most shakers about 1 time out of 10 I don't properly screw the lid on tight or don't thread it right and some stuff squirts out but the Blender Bottle is much easier to screw on...and of course the sprringy metal ball works great.

Sorry if that sounded like an ad...I just bought one and am giddy about it.


Its what I use. Never leaks and blends everything great.


its the best on the market


I have two in daily rotation, one comes filled with powder to work every day. They get rinsed and sit upside down in the sink to dry each night. They never start smelling if you do this...


Anyone know if either that ball or an equivalent are available separately anywhere?


I have several. I don't even use those metal whisks or whatever they are. Like the OP, I like that the bottle seals. My pre-workout concoction is a bunch of BCAAs and other stuff that must be shaken vigorously. With other bottles, this was always high drama. Blender Bottle works perfectly for that purpose.


Like others I have also tried many shaker bottle and the Blender is the best I have ever used. It is sturdy, doesn't leak, and the wire ball is a nice addition. I highly recommend them.



A shaker bottle that leaks is right up there with people that cut you off in traffic.


I need to pick up two more. I just moved and for some damn reason I lost mine that my roommate had bought for me.

I think the wire ball is gimmicky; realistically, if something like that is going to be of any use, it has to be fixed inside the bottle, not free moving and able to move with the liquid. It should either move OPPOSITE the liquid or not move at all, in order to have the greatest "mixing" effect.

Anyway, the bottle is nice because it doesn't leak. I never had one that did leak so I guess the Blender Bottle ones are good enough to have multiple ones around.


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And Nazis that cut you off in traffic.


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Yep, blender bottles are the best shakers I've ever used hands down.


I have several, I recently got one from my mother than DOES seem to leak a bit. I'm pretty sad about that. I love them, and even the leaky one is still better than any other bottle.


You've sold me. I'm so tired of shaker cups etc. that leak or spill. Do you have to order online?


If you have a GNC in your area you can buy them there, that is where I got mine.


Cool thanks!


But then you're supporting GNC as a business :frowning:


Oh no, how will I sleep at night?