Bleeding From Shot

This morning I was a in a hurry so my shot was not as deep and prety quick. There was a slight pain during the insertion like I hit a nerve. No blood in the aspiration but when I withdrew the needle I started to bleed pretty good from the site. I assume I speared a vein.

My concern is did I push all the test back out with the blood or would that has stayed in the muscle? I hope I didnt just waste a shot of my Test E.

no worries man ive had this experience as well. still pretty freaky when the blood spurts a couple of feet in front of you tho. i doubt you lost any of the gear


I actually did a quad injection a couple weeks ago and my leg kicked like a foot off my bed like a doc just hit my knee with that rubber hammer. Then the same thing happened. I’m sure it’s just a nerve or something small, otherwise there would have been blood when you aspirated.

As long as you went fairly deep (into the muscle) I highly doubt you lost any test. You would have had to inject it and then pull out super fast and almost simultaneously to elicit that kind of reaction. In my experience the muscle soaks it up quick.

I think it is from going through a vein (or nicking one) on your way in but not being in it when you are injecting. When you pull the needle out the vein is then open and shoots blood. I have had this happen twice when injecting delts (injecting with a 25Ga 5/8" pin).

There was no blood on aspiration so I think you are fine. As far as loosing your gear it is likely deeper down and the vein higher up in the muscle so you are prob fine there as well.