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Bleeding from Injections

Just injected, and I usually have little or no bleeding, generally just a small dot, sometimes slightly more. This time though I had enough that as soon as I pulled the needle out it blood came out quick, then it soaked 2 alcohol pads before it would stop bleeding.

So my question is, what exactly happened? Did I do something wrong this time? Same spots, nothing new, just a different result. The ONLY change was I shot slightly faster. Generally due to anxiety issues with needles I take over 3 minutes to inject one ml… today I shot one ml in about 45 seconds…


I am pretty sure I just went through a vein, but aspirated so I know I did not inject into the vein. It stopped after about 20 seconds of compression, so my guess is I should be ok and shouldn’t have lost any of the test…

Just wanted to check with some people who know better than me.

Sometimes that happens to me especially if injecting in the quad, for some reason it is more sensitive compared to other spots. I think you will live.