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Bleeding Easily Lately

The last few days I seem to be bleeding very easily. If I blow my nose, my nose starts bleeding, when I’m brushing my teeth my gums start bleeding. During football practice I have been getting small cuts and scrapes easier and more often then before. Any thoughts as to why this might be?

Vitamin K deficiency.

Not actually that likely, but it’s possible and would cause clotting problems.

Eat brussels sprouts. That oughta compensate the liters of fish oil you ingest.

OR! You could see a doctor.

Go see a doctor. My young some had the same problem and it turned out he has a condition called ITP. His immune system is attacking his platlets. This can start up at any time in life and if thei si the case you shouldn’t be playing football because a head injury has a much greater chance of being very serious.

Have you been napping in the reactor again???

Kidding. Get it checked out, stat. That’s NOT normal and you should see a Dr now. Don’t wait. Do it now.

Just softness leaving the body.