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Bleeding because of high fiber intake.

Lately I’ve gone an a bulking phase with relatively high carbs [400g]. 90% of my carbs come from oatmeal and chick peas. During this same period I’ve also noticed very mild bleeding after I’ve gone to the washroom.

Can too much fiber harm the intestines?

Has anyone noticed this as well? Or do I have something to worry about?

see. a. doctor.

If there is red in the bowl it usually means that the bleeding is from a distal part of the GI tract, most likely the rectum or anus area. Usually if the bleeding is happening more proximally, say in the large or small intestine, the blood will have a much darker appearence, it might be almost blackish. Drink more water.

Is it a very small spot of blood on the paper or is it a copious amount that is visible in the toilet and/or turning stools dark? (After working in the nursing profession, I can say stool with large amounts of blood in them will smell worse than just about anything)
It could be simply slight bleeding from a hemorrhoid or you could have an anal fissure. The fissure is much more serious and should be checked out. If it is simply a hemorrhoid that is bleeding the situation is not so serious but a physician will still be able to offer several treatment options. Geriatric patients often experience minor(a spot or two of blood on the toilet paper) bleeding from their hemorrhoids following a bowel movement, this is not considered unusual or cause for major concern but is worth noting while charting. YOu are taking in an awfully lot of fiber though… why not some other carb sources as well?

May be a mild case of hemoroids (sp). Potentially a case of ulcerative colitis. Either way, I’d suggest getting checked out soon.

Unless you are eating whole artichokes or pineapples, its not the fiber. See a doctor.

A little blood is common when you have a “dry poop”. Don’t panic. Drink more water. You may also get it from a lot of wiping. Being a bulking diet, sounds like you’ve been doing a lot fo that.

If you had any pain on defecation, you would have told us. That mitigates against an anal fissure or external hemorrhoid. You also didn’t mention you strain while having a BM, so I’m thinking you probably aren’t constipated. Still, “drinking more water” is almost always good advice (for anyone–recent news stories to the contrary). The phrase “very mild bleeding” is one which must be explored further, as same has vastly different meaning to different people. If it’s just a spot or two of blood on the tissue, in absence of pain, I wouldn’t worry too much about it, but, at any rate, the previous advice to see your doctor should be followed.

By all means see your doctor. 35 grams of fiber is the recommended daily amount. However, more than half of that should be soluble fiber.
I read of a woman, who would eat mircowaved popcorn every night. The hard kerner shells acted like razor blades and torn-up her insides, causing bleeding. She was put on antibiotics to prevent infection and a liquid diet until her insides healed.
Once again see your doctor.

can a mild case of ulcerative colitis that goes untreated lead to colon cancer?

Patients with chronic IBD ([nflammatory Bowel Disease-UC is one of them] have a higher incidence of carcinoma than the general population, especially patients who have extensive mucosal involvement–Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine.

The short answer is yes. But that doesn’t tell the whole story. Colitis IS a pre-cancerous condition. A mild case of colitis, if left untreated and remains mild, will most likely not lead to cancer. In my case, I had a pretty severe bout. I have it under control now, with the help of sulfasalazine. I find that my sleep cycles have a great influence on flare-ups – if I go three or four nights of less than 4 hours sleep, I can pretty much asuredly have a flare-up within a few days. But that’s just me. The medical community has not found any direct cause of colitis/Crohn’s disease. When I get a flare-up, all I need is a two-week course of prednisone, and it clears up.

SWALE – Are you medically familiar with the condition? Could you describe the “mucosal involvement?”

Thanks for the replies. IF the matter doesnt correct itself by monday I’ll make an appointement to see a doctor.