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Bleeding After Injection

I just did an injection in my deltoid and after i pulled the needle out blood poured out down my arm before i could put pressure on it. I know this means that i nicked a vein on the way in, but does this mean that my gear is wasted? i wouldnt think it would be since it would be deep in the muscle and not near the surface like my vein. any input would be appreciated, thanks.

Was it blood that spurted out or was it oil/liquid?

If it was oil you would see it and a little blood. And if it was a vein or vessel it would be all blood and little to no gear.

I seen a friend do this and asked the same question.

Just go on with the routine and lift and do what you do. And really that is all you can do.

yeah i’ve had a few that bled like hell, usually when it stings a lil’ more going in i figure it’ll gush for a few seconds. mind you they are gluteal but i wouldn’t worry too much. all i can ever see is blood anyway.

it was definitely all or mostly all blood. i didnt think it was a big deal, but just wanted to be sure. its happened a few times.

If it has happened a few times, do the smart thing. Move your injection site a few millimeters away. Structures like that can be avoided that way. If you are hitting a big blood vessel, chances are there will not be one as big a little ways away, and more likely you will be hitting tiny capillaries instead.

Also, this may have to do with the guage of needle you are using. Try a smaller guage.

I do move it away from the previous site, it has happend once in the glute and once in the deltoid. never more than once in the same place yet

The shit happens once in a while. The test won’t leak out.

If an oily substance was running down your arm the gear was coming out. If it was blood, then it was blood. Its just something that happens from time to time. Ive watched blood spurt a couple inches from shoulder. Clean it up and call it a day.

Check your blood pressure.

happens to me when i use 22g when i use 25g i have no probs.