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Bleeding After First Injection


After my first 'successful' test injection, there was a slight trickle of blood. Did all the oil I just injected just run out of my leg?


You will be fine.


No mate think about it you injected with im guessing a 1-1.5 inch needle that means the oils around an inch deep.


Eh, it was a 5/8ths buried all the way to the plastic. I could feel the oil I warmed up kind of spreading in my leg, so I figure it's in there.


Its okay, probably went through a vein on the way in


Does anyone not bleed a little when injecting?


Might wanna go to the ER, especially if the amount of blood that came out was LESS than the amount of oil you put in your leg.


Actually, now that I think about it, it probably was very slightly less than what I put in my leg, which was about a CC.


You know he is joking, right?


I usually get a tiny amount, like the size of a pin head. I think you're going to bleed just from puncturing the skin regardless if you hit a vein or not.