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Bled After Shot. Do I Need to Re-Dose?

So for the first time, I had a little bit of a messy injection this morning. I think I went in too far down the leg on the quad muscle but not sure. When I pulled the syringe out, some darker blood spilled out and I’m assuming whatever was in the syringe but not absolutely sure. Certainly enough blood spilled out to fill the 32mg that I took. Bleeding stopped almost instaneously after the inital amount spilled out. So do you think I need to re-dose then? Did I hit a vein or something? Freaked me out a little because that’s never happened before.

thank you in advance for your help,

If you are taking 32mg I am assuming you’ re on on at least 3X (96mg) a week or EOD (112mg) protocol? I wouldn’t be too concerned with missing one injection. I would occasionally have issues with quad injections and only do delts now. Occasionally bleed a little when I pull out the needle but nothing major.

Yes EOD.

There are small veineoles in the skin, you probably hit one. I would not worry. it happens on occasion. Simply apply a small amount of pressure to the injection site for about 30 seconds immediately after you withdraw the needle to allow the blood time to clot. This is a good habit to get into.

Did you lose any of your T and need to re-dose. No. The needle deposited the T into the muscle and bleeding is from the surface. I doubt any of the T leaked out. Blood is aqueous and T is oil based, the two don’t mix, so I doubt it pushed any T out.

My last leg injection, I pulled the 23g needle out and a thin geyser of blood shot up lol. Ruined my comforter. Scared the shit out of me. That was enough for me to switch to delts & glutes forever

Hydrogen peroxide usually gets blood out.

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How much you figure the peroxide can take care of? Asking for a friend. :wink:

Test it on a part that doesn’t show first, might discolour the fabric, but usually it gets it totally out. Blot though, don’t rub.

Had a female blow her period on my bed mid sex…must have been the exact moment it started for her…she was so embarrassed and I told her to hold on…got a bottle of peroxide…a rag…and got 99% of it out with minutes…she felt so much better afterwards.

Peroxide and blood is a good suggestion you’ve given

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Damn would this work for a blood nose? I’ve had a few blow outs from the nose while giving oral, it’s not pretty, lol

If you bleed, its because you have a bruise from a prior injection. If you inject there again, you will release some of the underlying hematoma, which is why the blood is dark. So pick another location and try not to bruise yourself in the first place. 29g insulin needles are best.