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Blazin's Back in the Saddle


Restarted my training today.. it's been a while, I moved and work got hectic, at first I was on top of it, but slowly my diet lost focus and went to shit, my training was good to go, until I had to join a new globo-gym.. let's just leave it there. So here I am, up 20lbs from my lowest weight at the start of this log.. In all reality that's pretty good considering how my diet/exercise were lacking.

So let's end the bullshit and start with a clean slate.

Goals -

Hit my peak fitness by May 1st, for this goal alone I will be aiming for a weight, 212. This is where I left off.. I was by no means the leanest I wanted to be, but I need to get back to where I left off.

Surpass my peak and become a better built man by end of Summer.

Training --

This will vary as my body quickly becomes accustomed to any training program, and I'm looking to burn fat here, so it is important to continually confuse my body and keep up the fat burning process.

First routine:

10 x 3 FFL

I've done this in the past and it worked well, is it solely due to a training program? No, diet has a lot to do with it. So for this first phase I'm going to work on cleaning up my diet.

First cleanse:

Zone -- Done this before, it works if you block yourself appropriately, it is far too complicated for me though, I don't have the luxury of sitting at home 24-7 to spoon feed myself specific block quantities of protein fats and carbs.. additionally I don't exactly lose much weight when sucking down carbs.

My plan overall:

I will shift my diet to the Anabolic diet after this first run of 10x3 FFL, the transition off of a Carboholic diet by utilizing the zone's clean carb approach will reinstate the think before you put it in your fat fucking face mentality. Once I have finished this program I believe the Anabolic diet will fit better into my lifestyle. Weekdays are pretty simple, I can handle that during the zone, but I find myself carting my own personal food locker around with me on weekends. I can't possibly continue to bring massive amounts of vegetables/protein/fat with me to friend's and family's homes. It's just ridiculous. Especially when I need to restrict calories as well.

As for training, I'm not sure where I will go after 10x3 FFL, but it sure as hell will include something that taxes me physically.

I'm disgusted in my lazy attitude towards diet and training, I thought that phase of my life was over but old habits die hard..


Today’s training:

10x3 FFL

Chin-ups BW - 52lbs = 180lbs 10x3 with 45s rest between sets

Leg Press 415lbs 10x3 with 45s rest between sets

Dips BW-52lbs = 180lbs 10x3 with 45s rest between sets (need to do more weight)

Deadlifts 185lbs 10x3 45s rest between sets

Cycle Sprints
50secs slow 10secs sprint
10 Mins total

I was gassed after my first three exercises so I went lower weight on DL. I also did things in a funky order due to the limited equipment at the globo-gym, and the lines for equipment. Funny how nobody uses the Smith machines for squats, and nobody even goes near the pullup/dip machine. I guess that’s what happens at a globo-gym.


Welcome back!!


and then…


Slacking on posting, not on lifting…

Diet’s going strong… will post today after my session at the gym.


Yesterday’s training:

10 x 3 Squats
45sec rest

10 x 3 Chinups
45sec rest

10 x 3 Deadlifts
45sec rest

10 x 3 Dips
45sec rest

10 min cycle sprints
50s off 10s on


10 Min jump rope…

Gotta weigh in at the end of this week… really not about scale surfing, so I won’t know exact loss… but I think I’m down 5-6 lbs


There ya are. I know what you mean about keeping a log, it’s hard to keep up with sometimes. FYI I’ve lost 6lbs already.