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Blasting with Different Ester

I TRT with C 200 but have 50ml of E 250 and an extra 10ml of C 250. I just had labs done and want to wait till i get the results to start a blast. The C and E should basically be interchangable right? I’m thinking of blasting with a mix of my normal trt 40mg C eod with the E added on top. I labmax tested both non pharm types i have and they both turned the right color but the fluorescent kinda confused me because the solution lit up before even mixing with the oil so it seemed kind of pointless to ascertain anything from the fact that there was still fluorescents in the tested vial.

My understanding is E and C are 100% interchangeable. I think the difference in half life is 2 days or something.

Its rare that test is going to be fake or even underdosed. Unless your buying off the most shady source possible.

Now the quality of brewing can vary greatly but that’s not going to affect levels.

Its a pretty well known forum sponser that shipped domestically from east coast so I’m not too worried about it being bunk. Just wanted to be 100% sure just incase I was still getting my normal dose

Your good to go