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Blasting while on TRT - Cycle TBol, Test P , NPP and HGH

I’m 32 male on TRT. I’ve been training for about 14 years now. My protocol is 150mg Test C, 1000iu HCH divided in 2 shots and 0.5mg Anastrozole weekly.

My doctor asks for a blood work every 6 weeks, so it make hard for a long blast with high testosterone. I was thinking of using a short ester like Tbol, Test P and NPP (joints).

Something like this:

Every week 120mg Test C
1-4 100mg Test P MWF
1-6 70mg Tbol ed
1-6 50mg NPP MWF (only for joints)

0.5mg anastrozole weekly
1000iu HCG weekly

The goal is lean mass with very little retention. After the Blood work scheduled for the week 6 my plan is to start the HGH + Test P for more 4 weeks. I have 630iu of Serostim that I’m planning of running during 6 months.

My questions are:
1- Two weeks between my last Test p shot and blood work would be enough time for my testosterone go back to the normal level (around 700)
2- Start the HGH with TBol and Deca or save it for my second blast?

Any ideas guys, any help is welcome.


I forgot I will be using N2 guard for support.

I suggest you do more research on the propionate ester

[quote]eatliftsleep wrote:
I suggest you do more research on the propionate ester[/quote]

I think my strategy will be to get my levels stabilized and since test p has 3 4 days half life two weeks my test would be back to the normal range.

Dont you think 2 weeks are enough to clean the test p?

I’m saying it needs to be injected more frequently

[quote]eatliftsleep wrote:
I’m saying it needs to be injected more frequently[/quote]

I was thinking Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday (only Test C).

Do you think 50mg everyday is the way to go?