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Blasting Sweet Spot for Test?

What do you guys find the sweet spot to be for test on a blast? Is test really best? Some guys swear by running multiple grams of test per week as the base of their cycles, especially strength athletes. It makes sense I guess, bio identical hormone, predictable side effects that can be managed. I always found Around 600-750 mg of test e was the best in terms of gains to side effect profile, but I never run an AI. Of course ester weight matters here aswell as something like a test prop will be stronger than enanthate mg per mg.

I’m also curious if anyone here prefers high doses of test as opposed to stacking compounds, and if so, why

To me Test is cheap, rarely faked, and handled well by many. My take on it is run it high. I wouldn’t run it so high I needed an AI, and I would lower it if I was getting high androgen sides as well. Just my take, but if you can get away with 600-800 without sides, why wouldn’t you? Lots of bang for the buck, and your not getting sides, so why not?

I see where guys want to run TRT levels with 6-800 mg primo or mast. They haven’t tried a test blast yet, but are scared to dead of gyno. Well, that is a thousand dollar cycle, compared to a 200 dollar cycle. I am not convinced the results will be better than a guy who just runs high test solo. And the primo cycle will probably be harder on the hair line.

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People also advocate for cycles like TRT test and then high tren/other compounds… which to me seems idiotic. Estrogen is necessary for muscle growth and it is neuroprotective. I always think high test is best on blasts


I prefer 400-500mg of Test max. Anymore and I need an AI. I don’t like use of AI.


My position is as much as you can run without an AI, or get other high T negative sides.

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I envy the guys who can run high test. I enjoyed it insofar as I didn’t notice it at all. But with HCT at the high end of the range it’s just off the table for me. I’m basically left with nandrolone and primo, and nand is an absolute no-go for my mental health. So it’s pretty much primo from here on out. Just my luck that what’s left is the most expensive, not nearly as effective drug. But maybe my MENT experiment will prove fruitful and that’ll be my go-to of choice.

What about Tren? A gram or two a week is great for mental health