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Blasting on TRT. Can I Stop Taking HCG?

Im on TRT and taking 200mg/wk and prescribed 500hcg twice a week. Most of the time I take 250hcg instead of 500 but have started a first T blast at 500mg/wk and decided, perhaps i should drop the hcg to help my E2 stay down. Also I will nt have children ever and dont care much about my nuts but my wife likes them so I should keep most of them. Anyone take a mini dose of 100mg/wk or so with good results. I actually wanted a vesectomy at one point so infertility is ok with me.

My libido suffered at one point and I dropped the HCG to 250 and it returned but I have high work stress generally so sometimes I think thats more with the boners.

Any reason to stay on or not to just drop it? Thanks