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Blasting on T Cyp

Thanks man, this helps, good advice.

My biggest concern is how my body will respond in other ways. Not worried about libido and such, but will I put myself at risk of overly thick blood? Will I have to work hard to control anger? What will it be like going back down? Not to mention, do I slide this in between doctor visits? My dr is pretty loose on things, so I might be able to request we space our visits out 6 months.

I think you’re absolutely right. Been in a rut this week (weather, personal stuff), and been eating a lot and honestly feeling way better. Girlfriend thinks I look more muscular somehow haha.

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Nothing wrong with starting slow. My first was 325 mg/wk. If worried about gyno, slowly titrate the dose up over a couple blasts. It doesn’t need to be a huge rush. Learning is part of the process. I will say that in hindsight I could have just gone with 400 mg on my first one, but I was overly paranoid.

See mine and Iron’s posts above. We both feel about the same on TRT as on a blast. I have high libido on TRT, and just higher than average on blast. That is about all I feel that is different.

Get yourself a $30 BP monitor. I don’t think thick blood for a short period of time is that much of a concern if BP is good. If the thickness was a problem, it means the heart is working hard. If the heart is working hard, BP will indicate it.

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Thanks again.

As for the BP, I have plenty of room for it to go up thanks to the psych meds. 2 weeks ago, upon standing up, my BP dropped to 70/40 or so. I’ve since been adding salt to my dinner to keep that from happening.

My personal rule of thumb is 3x your TRT dose for a good starting cycle. Everybody metabolizes test differently. Some guys like me get high test on 120-140mg/wk. Others need 200mg. Whatever you are at steady state and feeling good now… 3x. You need to move yourself a good bit outside of the norm to grow for the short period you are ‘on’ say 10-12 weeks.

Your body likes to find homeostasis with whatever levels you are on. The problem is that once you revert back to your TRT dose the body is going to gradually go back that direction. The more undersized you are now for your frame the more you are going to keep. So since you said you are 160lb you are likely to keep more than if you were already 200lb. Best of luck. Sides are pretty manageable <500mg for most.


Same for me.

Do 500mg for 12 weeks and you’ll look how you want to look as long as your diet and training are remotely in check. TRT is like cheat codes. You get to go straight to the boss without having to go through the whole damn level.


Hmmmm, I would ask why not take an anabolic?

Methenolone, methandrostenolone (dbol) maybe, or some oxandrolone.
I saw one of your posts you mention aggression and AA.
So definitely let your doc and psych know what you are doing.

If you just want an extra kick, you can always up the test to 300-400 and take some oxandrolone say 40mg for a 4-6 weeks, and obviously the test longer.

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Awesome, good to know this, thanks man

No access to them legally and concerned about side effects

Fair enough about the legality.
However you are worried about side effects?

Your current plan could be equated to keeping an engine naturally aspirated and just increasing the size of the engine. Sure you will increase performance but at what cost?
Why not add a turbocharger or supercharger and really concentrate on what you want to improve?

Test is an androgen. Yes it is anabolic too, but at some point there is a trade off, where you may experience way too many androgenic sides. You would be much better off health-wise and side-effects wise taking a small amount of oxandrolone alongside a moderate amount of test. I have heard of some clinic etc prescribing oxandrolone/anavar.
This will also lower SHBG and support your goals of breaking through a plateau.

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