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Blasting Complications or Paranoia?


I am just curious on everyone's opinions on this, but at what point do you consider your hematocrit to be too elevated to blast ( mainly speaking to blast and cruise/ trt guys). Last bloodwork I had mine was 48.3, not sure if its on the rise, but most likely it is. How would you manage this other than donating blood( I've read that eating grapefruit daily may help, anyone here tried that?)

another question for those who donate blood on a routine basis, do you notice significant drops in ferritin levels? Mine got as low as 10, haven't had it checked since though. So how am I supposed to donate blood if it depletes my ferritin? Should I just not be too concerned with ferritin because keeping hematocrit in check is more important? Or is a hematocrit level of 48 perfectly fine to start a blast on?

thanks in advance to any responders





Although I am not on TRT, I am interested to see what (if any) other ways exist to manage hematocrit levels other than donating blood.


I know there's gotta be at least a few people out there that have tried the red grapefruit a day idea.

Ironmanzvw, how do you manage hematocrit if its even an issue and do you ever check it before cycling?


I don't, I need to that's why I'm asking lol. I've never ran super high dosed anything so I wasn't overly concerned. I know now that is ignorant.

I have a feeling that is what contributed to my high bp problem on my last cycle. I will also be upping my adex dose.


Yeah from my experience, when my trt dose was too high my hct got into the 50s and bp increased a little bit, but after donating blood it dropped back down. So I believe high hct can correlate with high bp.

now i'm on 100Mg a week which puts me at 1130 ish which is awesome so hopefully my hct will stay below 50 on its own.

Anyone else with any experience\ suggestions?


I am on TRT, but use Test Prop 100mg per week due to very low SHBG, cyp and enth don't work for me.
Before my last blast of 500mg per week my HCT was 48, and at last check up at the uro it was 52.
My BP went from 118/72 to 133/86 and on cycle it was as high as 159/95, even after I was back to my TRT
dose I was experiencing nose bleeds every few days.

My doc didn't seem to concerned about the HCT of 52, and I had mentioned nosebleeds. I told him that
I read that donating blood can help and he kind of chuckled to himself over the idea, but offered only to lower
my test dose to lower my HCT. Needless to say, I donated blood the next day and within a week my BP
was back to 120/77. I plan to donate every three months as a matter of good health.


Thanks for the input pkny. Have you by chance had ferritin levels checked before and after blood donation?

This is what im mainly concerned about with donating blood


Now that you mention it I was actually thinking of giving blood soon. Last thing I'd wanna do is harm the recipient though. Does anyone know if there would be any danger for the recipient if you're running test and adex?


Would they not check the "quality" of donated blood before putting it in another human being??..


What are you running?
When my hemocrit was more than 4x the normal I was using EQ @ 600mg/wk, I've never had a problem with Test raising it that high. I'm going in for bloodwork in about 2 weeks thou, and just raised my test to 750mg/wk, so I'll let you know.


I don't think they check for hormones and meds probably just screen for diseases. Though I don't think a pint could contain that much it's better safe than sorry you know?


I don't pay any attention to Ferritin as my blood has high iron content.

As far as donating blood while on TRT, it isn't an issue. They are actually psyched at getting
TRT blood as it usually contains more iron and red blood cells.


That's what I figured about the red blood cell count.


I didn't think I would ever say this but... Where is Walkway when you need him?


I have high iron as well obviously but I was under the impression that ferritin and iron were different things? If there are no side effects from low ferritin alone then I won't be nearly concerned as I was. I thought ferritin was the actual amount of iron stored in the body, i'm probably wrong but id be grateful for an explanation.


Lol I'm also surprised he hasn't chimed in.


Yes they do


Ferritin releases and stores iron and the level of ferritin represents the levels of iron.

Donating blood several times a year can lead to low iron stores in the body. Some studies have shown that you need 3 months after blood donation to replenish iron stores in the body.


So would it make sense to assume my ferritin was low due to two blood donations within 3 months? It was at 10 though which is pretty low.

Ill be getting it tested before donation next time but i'm just wondering what the hell I should do if its still low