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Blasting and Cruising for 19 Year Old


Hey everyone im 19 years old and considering blasting and cruising due to having bottom range testosterone levels for my age at around 385 total, low LH all that jazz, I have a history of heavy recreational drug use which went on for about two years straight which i think is the culprit. From age 15-17
(opioids do heavily suppress testosterone)
I have a lot of low T symptoms such as:
Decreased motivation.
VERY low energy
Decreased muscle gain.
Low libido (I do not have much of an interest in pursuing women which sucks).
I very rarely have morning wood were talking once every month or less…
Shitty erections about 3 quarters of the time.
Low red blood cell count
Mood swings
etc etc etc etc
No doctors will help at all… I’ve been to around 4-5 doctors now.

I have almost 3 years experience in the gym now and have a very good physique despite all this.

5’8 165lbs 10-12% bf… solid 1rms for my size and all that good stuff.

SO if i was to jump on what would be the best option?
Blasting and cruising with hcg and AI’s or just long cycles and mild breaks PCT/Bridges in between

Any inputs on this would be great thanks.


how often do you drink/use recreational drugs now?

Do you have any history of depression?

My opinion is that you’re being utterly rash and stupid. I will not advise further.


Hey flip I probably only drink once every one or two months and haven’t touched a drug ever since… naa I’ve never had any real history of depression.
My levels are pretty terrible for someone my age man
I tried test boosters and all that to no avail, eating clean etc
I used to want to cycle just for the sake of getting a libido

Any suggestions on where to go with this as I’m not really sure on what to do


how many blood tests have you gotten? And what time of day?


I got two bloods done both at around 9am… 1st test I came back with 359 the second came back at 385. Had about 5 weeks space in-between. I don’t remember oestrogen but its around 115 on both (upper normal I guess) still get sensitive nips from time to time. Trying to fix things naturally with t boosters and better diet… Feeling a little better but still same symptoms. I’m going to be straight up honest I very much would like to jump on but I’m trying my best to hold out as long as I can despite getting bitchy every so often.


Hold off the gear for a while and try Biotest’s Alpha Male(very high quality ingredients) and a humanofort product. Try dramatically upping your good fats and water and take ZMA and 5000iu of VitD3.

Some of these tips should help:

These also worth a try…

Brosciency but a sauna/steam room once a week and some HIIT that gets you dripping with sweat might also help to keep detoxing you over the long term


thanks mate! yeah I’ve been trying my best with the diet and water intake. Ill for sure look into those things cheers


is that estrogen the E2 test? That’s WAAAAY high if so. I don’t care what the ‘normal range’ is listed as on the lab report. It should be down around 21. That’s concerning.


Go for them half natty genetics, just cruise on 300-400mg test for life, the gains will come nice and slow but you will be healthy for sure… and i drink a full bottle of wine while on a test and tren + dbol cycle… im fine. Anyways thats the only info i can give, 250mg test per week is too low, you want to slowly adjust dosages… after 4 weeks test kicks in so you will be able to tell if the current dose is enough or you havent felt much… this would be the best route to go if you will cruise… forget about all other types of compounds… just keep the test and you will be fine.


Ill investigate further thanks for jumping on that flip. Every time I tried to tell the doctors any of this stuff they simply said its normal and booted me out… Hell i even had a doctor say gyno is not from hormones lmao! Ive arranged to meet another doctor who apparently is a bit more knowledgeable on the subject. Fingers crossed
This kind of explains why I was a bit rash earlier. Just kinda lost faith in the system ya know?


Thanks for the answer cryptonite! love the name btw. Sounds like a good way to do it for a first timer, how old were you when you first hopped on the gear?. Before I touch anything I want to at least figure out whats happened to me so I can see me options. Its so weird because despite all this I still have been able to maintain a decent physique for my age/height. Some efficient satellite cells or some shit. When I do up my calories tho all that seems to happen is fat storage around my stomach with very minimal muscle.