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Blasting and Cruising at 48 on HRT - Beginner's Cycle Log


So I have my HRt dosages dialed in. Looks like 100mg t-cyp e3d (200mg/week), 1mg anastrazole/week, 250iu hcg e2d.

I'm finally able to work out every day, where before HRT I could only do 3 days a week b/c of recovery.

I'm now looking to blast and cruise. I want to get big(ger). I started lifting olympic about 2 years ago and while I've changed my body comp substantially I'm a hard gainer in the lean muscle department.

I would like the advice of those familiar with b&c. I'm on TRT for life, I figure I'd maximize my gain abilities as best possible. I've been reading everything I can get my hands with the search engine, but am interested in hearing about cycles other folks in my age range and on HRT have done for B&C. Looks like many folks are using several different types of T for cycles.

Could I go to 1mg/week of T-Cyp? 12 weeks for my first cycle? Or would I see better results with a mix of stuff? Is this a stupid idea? Your feedback and knowledge would be greatly appreciated.

My humble apologies if I've simply missed a good thread on the subject, I've been reading for a while now.

(edit: i changed the title from 46 to 48 as I am now 48)


What's your total test on 200mg E3D? That's about as much as most beginner cycles.


I know my e2 is 25ng/dL tomorrow I should have my T numbers. The lab seems to be taking it's sweet time, i figure I'm in the 900's, but I won't know till the fat lady sings. I'd be surprised if I was higher, just not seeing the gains as much weight as I'm moving.

Again not seeing gains, I've read of guys putting on 30 lbs on a 12 week cycle. I'm in the 10-12% body fat range these days I was also wondering if I should lean out to my goal before doing this.

I should mention I've only been on injectables for 60 days (was on gel, which was ineffective was on for 2 months).


At 466mg/week you should be capping the range. I think from a health perspective you'd be better to blast high and cruise low rather than try to mix the approaches. Run a stack, accumulate estrogen and fatigue, go super hard in the gym and the kitchen, then return to your TRT and normalize.

Just my $0.02


I am on anastrazole, high e2 makes me feel like a chick on the rag - was there once and I swear to Dog I felt like shit the whole time. Glad I got it worked out. In any case, when you say "a stack" I assume you mean different chemicals, like dbol/tren etc? in combo with the t-cyp? Any suggestions on dosing for someone already on HRT? Or just follow the newbie advice? How about a T-Cyp only cycle? off to read more...

And thank you for the responses thus far. Much appreciated.


Ok just got my bloodwork numbers! Yay!

1071ng/dL 250-1100

this is on 100mg of T-Cyp e3d, 200mg/week

Any recommendations?

I was considering doing my first Blast with the following:

250mg Testosterone Cypionate injectable e3d for 12 weeks (but given it takes 200mg e3d to get me high normal, maybe 300mg? Or GASP 500mg?
1.25mg/week anastrazole split up
250ui hcg e2d

Any comments or thoughts on the proper dosing of the T-Cyp only given my current HRT results of 1071 on 250-1100?


Wait, are you doing 200mg 2x per week (400mg total in 6 days) or are you splitting a 200mg dose
into two injections ?


200mg/week, split into two e3d shots of 100mg

EDITED I had my numbers wrong.


Is the T-cyp you are using prescription or UGL ?


It's pharma grade from Walgreens.


OK, that sounds better.
In general 200mg/ml Test C should get you 500ng/dl per 100mg dose per week.
So, the 200 has you right in there at just over 1000. 250mg/ml gear (if its good)
Should get you 700ng/dl per 100mg per week.

I have done 500mg per week blast and then gone back to 200mg. I gained a little over
15lbs in 12 weeks. After I went back to 200mg per week I lost about 6 of it, which
was mostly water. When I do it again I'll probably lower the test dose and throw in some masteron.


PKNY is your suggestion that adding another 100mg/week, so 250mg e3d would be a good starting point for my first 12 week cycle of blasting? I'm just looking long an hard everywhere for a good starting point. Guess thats as good as anything I've read. Seen people say as much as 1mg?! Holy shiatzu that seems like alot of T. But what do I know?

Anyway, I think that 8 weeks in I've just arrived at the 1071ng (250-1100) level and I have some growth potential at physiological levels having come from years at 254ng...

But I want to get ripped for the lake by July so I might start now.

Are you considering Masteron because of the water weight effects of T only?


If you are doing 200mg per week now, I would suggest at least doubling it to 400mg per week, keep in mind that you will have to up your AI too. If you are attempting to get ripped be sure to keep an eye on your calories.
Test will stimulate your appetite big time.

I got a sample of Masteron during my last blast and it had a big time hardening effect, shot my libido through
the roof too. I have read a bunch of threads on it here and on the net, and I am thinking of adding a small dose
to my trt regime something like 50mg per week...its that good!

BTW I am 44, so we are in the same boat with the TRT blast and cruise thing! Wished I had gotten into this
10 years ago. Good luck on your blast.


Thanks for the info PKNY. Never had a problem with libido, I think my girl might leave me if I wanted more.



I'm not in TRT mode yet, still want my off times, but I am considering it, as damn it sucks to feel old if you can avoid it :slight_smile:

For blasts, you can really be creative with Tren, orals, etc. When you feel it's not really working anymore, or that sides are getting a nuisance, well you just return to TRT.


I've been doing some reading on Masteron, it sounds like pretty good stuff. Supposedly can almost act as an AI with it's estrogen blocking capabilities. I've read it also works really well for fat loss. Most articles say 100mg e2d. During your last cycle how many doses of 50mg did you take? Did you take it during your complete cycle?


PKNY any updates? I'm thinking of starting a 12 week t-cyp only blast at 500mg a week to see what it does...


Bump PKNY have you run a cycle with MAST yet? I'm awaiting my latest bloodwork to decide how to do my first blast cycle - was thinking of throwing in some Masteron. Your input would be appreciated.


I could be wrong here but I think when B&C'ing you can keep your armidex and HCG at the normal TRT doses. My Blast plan is 600mg T (3 equall 1ml shots M-W-SA) cyp + 500iu HCG+ 1mg anastrazole/week + 4iu daily HGH on 12weeks 2x per year
When crusing its 200mg t cyp + 500iu HCG (no anastarazole) + 4iu HGH 5/2 or 8iu E3
I find I dont need the anatrazole on my weekly dose but just throw it in while blasting 2 be safe but everyones bodys are different


You sure you want to jump on the blast so early? If you were feeling like crap and had health issues leading to HRT, why not stabilize yourself 6-8 months and just enjoy it, and get a few follow up labs to know you are consistent. Not trying to be a party pooper, but it took me a good 3-4 months on HRT to dial in my T and E levels, and although I felt good within a few months, I kept feeling exponentially better within the first year on HRT standard doses.

You should keep feeling way better just on the HRT, and be able to improve recovery, and make gains just by training, eating, and recovery protocols (quality sleep included)....then if you feel a year into this you are not feeling you look or perform as you needed start blasting and cruising.

Not trying to start conflict, just saying from a health perspective it might be good to let your body adjust and make sure all the dosages of T, HCG, adex are where they need to be over a few more months, and keep letting the stuff work its magic with some patience for the long term....and maybe look into different lifting programs, change up some variables, supplements, sleep, tissue work, lots of ways to make progress without jumping right on a blast.

60 days is nothing on HRT.....you got plenty of good times ahead even on 200mg Test a week....Im pushing 40 and on 200mg week Test for 4 years I am doing just fine in the gym...not saying I am not tempted to blast, but 200mg plus supplementation right, and tissue work, stretching, the right combo of full body lifts starting on the platform olympic movements to powerlifts in rack, to ending each session with 10-15 minute intervals (strongman stuff, sprints, versa climber, sledge hammer work, sled push/pulls, ropes, KB circuits), I am still making improvements in body comp and varying performance goals. But no doubt the temptation is there reading forums to want to smash some Primo, Mast, Var, etc etc haha....but 60 days in I would suggest considering a slow approach to jumping into higher doses