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Blasting and Corona

so I’m 3 injections into my 600mg test e blast and I am honestly considering panic-quitting my cycle because of a recent corona panic in my country. disinfectants are placed at entrances of faculties at my college campus. an official 3 week vacation has been announced and bus/flight are sold out like bread and water.
my question is ; how does corona affect a man in his test E blast?
never been prone to aromitizaton much so I don’t think water retention will be much of an issue but blood pressure and occasional heartbeat skip/atrial fibrillation that I get on gear does spook me

My immune system takes a hit while I am on cycle, so I personally won’t be running one during this shit storm. However if you’re young, the likelihood of it seriously affecting you are slim. I have older parents though, that I do not wish to potentially infect.

the virus spreads regardless of age it’s just that younger people seemingly have a very low rate of developing diseases on it compared to older people so they’re going to get infected regardless if the children don’t show any signs of sickness.
I ALSO plan to stop going to the gym and just workout with weights at home and bodyweight so I also wonder if I can till make gains on such a regimen. since we’re always anabolic on suprapyshiological levels of AAS I wonder if getting consistent pumps without taking rest days would be enough for growth

I understand how the virus works, which is why I said that I will not be running a cycle until the risk is mitigated. However if you did get it, the effects are much less, so it’s nothing to really worrry about much, unless you’re frequently around older people, like myself. Hence again, why I said that.

Working out at home will still result in some progress, although it greatly depends on what you have at home. They won’t be as good, and the struggle to keep the gains will probably be tougher.

Without being able to progressively add weight each week, you’ll struggle to put on as much mass.

I’ve just started 300 Test E per week, I wanted to run Dbol with it but the high blood pressure and water bloat has scared me off that, I read phnumonia takes water from your body and fills your lungs with it, thus I’m assuming water bloat wouldn’t be a good idea.

Damn, yeah sounds scary, makes me double think it over as well.

Anyone else input on this?AI wouldnt do much?

Exogenous Test./AAS suppresses the immune system. I personally would not run anything right now.


It’s funny how guys on steroids are big and strong on the outside but on the inside they’re weaker and more vulnerable. No free lunches in nature.


What is the general consensus here then? I’m also currently about 5 weeks into a Test E and Dbol cycle. My country is still at very low risk and they have already started taking precautions. That said I am wondering what’s the smartest thing to do here? Force quit now and just PCT asap, or just ride it out and hope for the best.

I’ve spent hours online looking for advise for this and have found nothing, I think a lot of the medical experts make mo ey from TRT clients and are not willing to speak up.

How has your first cycle gone anyways? Starting weight and current?

if you are old, stop, if not carry on.

Ok so how about my situation then, I was just at the crossroads of my cycle, last pin more than 2 weeks ago, in reality i planned to extended it, but i could PCT, whats the best scenario here.

Isn’t pct even worse? How is the immune system on PCT? All I know is that I definetely feel crap during PCT, but if the immune system is better than when on I’ll go for it.

Immune system is better in PCT/Off the AAS.
PCT can be optimized to minimize the negative effects of how you feel (Has nothing to do with immune system). You feel bad because of the dip in androgen level coupled with a bad PCT protocol.
People take too high doses of SERMs, which makes them feel like death. Avoid Clomid.
Nolvadex 10mg EOD x4 weeks is good enough. You have people taking 20-40mg per day and they wonder why they hate life. I personally can recover on Toremifene 1/4 tab (15mg) once every 4 days for x4 weeks. If I take more I feel like crap; No libido, joint pain, etc. Feel good on this dosage though and I recover to my natural test levels by the 2nd week.

I am currently in the 5th week of my cycle. Using test e and primo. Should I start PCT immediately or keep going? I’m 27 years old. Only 5 cases in my country.

the cases are undershot to not cause FURTHER panic. chances are there are already dozens of cases and this virus has a doubling time of 4 days. so every 4 days the infected count will double and in a couple months we will be looking at millions

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Well, gyms are officially closed down in my country until further notice. So at this point it’s not a question of immune system for me…I’m not wasting that sweet sweet juice on these home workouts.
I’m stopping the dbol and cruising on the Test E until all this shit clears and the gyms open again.

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Undershot??? Here’s some fun math for you. Worldwide there are 182,000 cases of infected people. Just to put this in perspective and allow for a HUGE margin of error in reporting lets just say that every one of those cases was in Wuhan, China. With a population of 11 million that would still only come out to 1.65% of the population. This is a joke.

It’s not a joke… For some reason many can’t seem to comprehend the statistics behind this disease.

Look at Italy, look at the concept of “exponential growth”. Say the number of cases double every few days… This goes from 200-400-800-1600 etc… Within a few months you’ve got millions and millions of cases.

The mortality rate appears to be between 1-3% (margin of error for those undiagnosed). Based on the concept of exponential growth, imagine 100 million people are infected within the US a few months from now (this will be the case if further action isn’t taken, same to be said about Australia, our lack of action is pathetic) and 1-2 percent die, that statistically adds up to… A lot of dead people

With the lack of test kits available, people are only being tested when they’re symptomatic AND have recently been in contact with someone who was recently infected with covid-19.

Statistically about 50% of those infected are initially asymptomatic, this statistic probably decreases weeks following exposure as the virus has quite a long latency period.

The virus is also airbourne (transmittable via particles in air), can stay alive on unwashed surfaces for up to 72 hrs, it’s very easily transmitted… I wouldn’t be surprised if the number of cases CURRENTLY worldwide is well over one million.

For young people (who aren’t immunocompromised) the morality rate is extremely low… For those who are older, have trouble adequately amounting an immune response etc the virus is far more lethal, with mortality rates approaching 20% for the elderly. Even then, there are occasional cases of young people becoming critically ill. Then there’s near lethal complications, survive with severe, permeant scarring of you’re lungs and you’ll wish you were dead.

Yes, the flu can kill too… If you’re unlucky enough and the virus reaches you’re lungs, the lining of you’re heart etc (myocarditis)… Statistically this is at least 10x more lethal than most strains of influenza. Comparing this even to the Spanish flu would be an understatement. In modern era society we haven’t seen anything like this before, nor are we equipped to deal with it.

Scientific modelling has demonstrated the spread can theoretically be reduced. The sooner we impliment social distancing, isolation etc the more we can contain the spread… Each DAY will make a significant difference. Note given how infectious this virus is it’ll still spread, but the spread will be over a longer duration of time and less people will end up infected, thus giving the healthcare system some leeway.

We don’t have enough ICU beds, we don’t have enough masks to equip doctors with (so whenever they’ve exposed to infected patients and/or become sick themselves they have to go into quarantine… Leading to a shortage of doctors), without ICU beds we have to make the daunting task of choosing who to save, younger people will probably be made higher priority. So if it comes down to me vs you and we are both critically ill, you’ll probably end up being the dead guy.

Furthermore, I’ve spoken to healthcare professionals, those high up within the pharmaceutical industry about this in particular. Whilst the mass hysteria is just that… Hysteria (the toilet paper bullshit), this isn’t something to be downplayed either

Given the asymptomatic nature of the disease, I would recommend following CDC/WHO guidelines. Not doing so would be profoundly inconsiderate. Even if you’re asymptomatic, you have the potential to kill those you infect

The response to this disease from both the Trump Administration and the Morrison government (Australia) has been abysmal… Pathetic even (inb4 someone claims Obama did worse… Because such a statement simply isn’t true). But this isn’t the political subforum so I’ll leave it at that.

Let’s say we actually only have about 200,000 cases worldwide… But the sheer amount doubles every 7 days or so… Within twelve weeks you’ve got over 800 million cases… With a 2 percent mortality rate and it’s quite serious

I’m going into mandatory self isolation for the next two weeks. I can only leave the house for vital/very important tasks. (I don’t have the coronavirus, but there’s legitimate reason… Tis mandatory)


The level of literature we have to suggest AAS are significantly immunosuppressive is sparse, though strong enough to come to somewhat of a conclusion. The immunosuppressive effect is dose/compound related, tren will be harsher than test etc

Ill have to find the exact studies again but I know several AAS in particular (Nandrolone and oxymetholone being two demonstrated to have this effect) impact lymphocyte differentiation, alter/mediate the release of certain cytokines, interfere with antibody production etc

But… This data pertains to rodent models and/or in vitro studies. For us to make a blatant “AAS are immunosuppressive, a hypogonadal individual will be better off” statement would be ignorant. Firstly rodent models here indicate test to be immunomodulatory, the testosterone metabolite etiocholanolone is immunostimulatory (though excess stimulation may lead to an overt immune response, inducing a detrimental outcome).


Should also be noted different types of immune response exist. Women tend to have far higher rates of autoimmune disease compared to men. Whether this is due to differences within sex hormone concentrations remain unclear, however men with untreated hypogonadism do appear to be at higher risk of developing autoimmune conditions (lupus, rheumatoid arthritis etc)

Then again, those with less testosterone appear to have a heightened response to vaccination. So perhaps the androgen mediated immune alterations differentiate between types of immune response. There’s bodies of data that suggest both “immunocomprimisation” and immunostimulation" to be the case regarding androgens. When it pertains to supraphysiologic dosages the data becomes even murkier. I’m generally predisposed to believing high dosages of AAS induce a compound dependent deleterious immune alteration.

Compared to corticosteroid use however… This is nothing

FINALLY some who talks f*n sense on this virus!!

So annoying how the general masses are taking light of this situation, it is nothing to be taken lightly.