Blasting Anadrol on TRT?

I usually blast with test and deca, but a lot of y’all here at tnation say how bad deca is for cardiovascular system and studies showing interference with brain neurotransmitters etc.
if I had access to anadrol (keeling safety in mind) think it be a good idea to blast anadrol for 3-4 weeks just to add some weight and hopefully trt keeps some gains? Or all most the gains temporary?
My main goal is muscle, but safe as possible. Again I know anadrol probably least safe, but my thought is only on 3 weeks and take a few months off, overall less toxicity?

Why not just use Testosterone? Food should be all you need to grow.
If you haven’t had ED/libido problems with Nandrolone, I’d just stick with it.
Perhaps, use a lower dose if you want to keep healthy. Check your labs to make sure everything is ok. Oral AAS is never a good idea.

Love deca but all these guys on here say how toxic it is to vascular endothelial, and how it disrupts neurotransmitters leading yo anxiety and depression etc…

You’re not going to get a risk free steroid. Nandrolone, in moderate doses and for cycle periods, is probably comparatively mild other than the risk to your libido. I wouldn’t run it alongside TRT as a permanent solution to anything.

That can be combat and ameliorate with abana, heart/lipid herbdrug.