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Blasting Advice


So Im about to blast off for my yearly get huge fest.. I want some advice from bros to max this one out as Im thinking its my last.. Im now 180 and Im good with being 200 but Im gonna shoot for 210...

Stats 37 5.9ft 180lbs lifting 20yrs..Bench 285, OHP 185, SQ & DL 425

Area I'd like to grow arms, calves, quads

Goal size

Cycle 500-600mg t cyp divided into 2shots per week
Anastrozle (liquid) .25 EOD (I can raise this but in the past .25is fine)
HGH 3iu daily post workout
HCG 2-3x per week 250iu depending on shrinkage

20x BW cals 50-60% protien 20/20 fat \ carbs all clean stuff
I'll probably follow the 12weeks to size diet on bb.com its ez to follow


Protien shakes, creatine, multi V the rest is crap...Pre wo banana & coffee


Either the herculeas workout or Jims 12 weeks to size routine

In the past I've done 5/3/1 boring but big and the GVT.. Also the Wolverine workout all did fine but I think GVT got best size results...

Do any of you guys know the shelf life of liquid anastozole? Mines about 9 months old...
Never used nolva but its cheap thinking it might be a good idea in-case bitch tits show


are you on TRT? You’ll need a PCT if not


Yes on trt… 200mg weekly


why the last one? just curious


^ U mean nolva? Or hcg?


^Do you really intend to further procreate?

Joking! Joking!

Can you promise to keep us updated on your impending carnal escapades, which I’m sure you have planned, while blasting?



No carnal escapeds planned all is well…im gonna take it ez 4 awhile…I dodged a freekin bazooka. .time to chill watch football & grow some huge american gunz


No advice huh? I guess I’ll run with the 12 weeks to size program… My fear was the load wast high enough for huge gains… Bassically its Lift MON, TUE, Wed off THR, FRI lift off SA&SU where as Hercuelease was lift 6days off Sun… Biggest diff was 12WK program had a peridontization scheme and more intricate things like drop sets & shit


there’s not much to say mate, the cycle looks good.

Just be sure to rubber up when that test libido kicks in!


Yeah yeah