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Blast Your Bench (Yes I'm Completely Cereal)


Going to try Lee Haywards Blast your Bench program
Total length of program is 5 weeks, 2 weeks prep 3 week actual routine.

Stats before
Age - 17
Height - 5 9 1/2
Weight - 185
Bench 260
Deadlift 405x10
Box Squat 405

Looking to gain about 20-25lbs to my bench will be eating above maintenance calories.
First the program starts with a basic higher rep 2 week program that does not include flat Barbell press.

Day 1 Jan.15/11

Incline Bench (5x5)
45x10 95x5 135x5 185x5x5

Hammer Strength Incline Bench (10x4) (substituted with swiss ball presses Fk that noise)
90x10 160x10 250x8 230x9 160x10x2

Seated Db Press(10x4)
25x10 50x10x2 40x10x2

Bent over lateral raise (10x4)

Seated Tricep Extension (10x4) (substituted with tricep extension)
80x10x3 90x9x1


My Hammer strength presses were not 10x4 rep scheme it had been awhile since I've done that excersize so I didnt know what weight to use. Next time I'll just do the swiss ball presses my triceps and chest were toast two exercises in. Workout lasted longer than I would of liked. Tomorrow is rest day followed by the Back and Biceps workout.


Day 2 Jan.17/11

Back and Biceps

Full Snatch (Snatches are ridiculous for speed and traps had to throw them in)
45x10 95x5 115x5 135x5

Barbell Rows (10x4)

Hammer Strength chest supported Row (10x4)

Chinups (3 sets)

Db Curls (15x3)

Barbell Curls (10x3)
Didn't complete

Hyperextensions (15x3)
Didn't complete


Its been a years since I've done anything hypertrophy related, after the first two exercises and total of 8 sets my biceps were so pumped up I could barely contract. Usually I can bang out 10-15 wide grip pullups no problem, I had trouble doing 3 chin ups thats how pumped my biceps wore from being used as only secondary muscles. I did not do curls because I had been in the gym for just over an hour and did not want to go catabolic or miss my shake because of some curls. Hyperextension I was sad about missing but I know the snatches would have worked some lower back but no excuse I'll fit them in next time. Overall lots of sets,sweating and swole.


Day 3. Jan 19/11


Deep Squats (5x5)
225x5x2 275x5x3

Hamstring leg curl

Standing calf raise

Leg Extension

Legs are smashed today from hips down there is just pain.


Day 4 Jan 21/11


Incline Bench
185x5x3 190x5x1 205x5x1

Decline Bench

Swiss ball presses

Tricep Extension
100x10x2 100x5x1

Was a so so workout missed a few lifts gained some rep prs, need to stay on track but its just prep for the actual program so I wont stress to much over this.


Jan 23

Back Biceps

Defict deadlifts
135x5 185x5 235x5 285x5x3
Chest supported row
180x10x3 200x10x1 220x10x1

Lat pull down
90x10x2 110x10x1 140x10x1

Dumbell curls
25x10x2 40x6x1 30x8x1

Straight bar curls


First time doing deficet pulls felt real good my goal is to get a 405 deficet pull before I pull conventional I'll do 1 week deficet and next week speed pull.

Jan 26

Zercher squats
135x10 155x5x3 185x5x3

First time doing these and damn do they kill I used the neck pad once I got to 185 so the pain would be a tiny bit less. I will definetly keep doing this to help my squat form.

Jan 28
Chest Tri Shoulder

Incline Bench
190x5x3 187.5x5x1 185x5x1

Stability ball db press

Db Seated press

Seated Tricep ext
85x10x1 80x10x1 70x10x1

2 week prep is over now for the actual blast your bench workout!


Workout 1 monday
Barbell bench
150x10 160x8 170x6 180x4 210x2

BB Rows

Db Bent over rows
20x10x2 15x15x1

DB Curls
25x10x2 30x10x1

decline crunches

Went pretty light made sure to get all the sets and stay away from failure next time I'll bump the weights tomorrow is 5 sets of 15 with one minute rest.


this program sucks