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Blast Your Bench/ Blast Your Squat


60lbs to squat in 21 days, 50lbs on bench...Lee Hayward made this program i gotta say it look really cool. I was wondering if anyone has baught it and tried it.



I'm pretty sure they don't have any spectacular training "secrets" that we've ALL somehow missed.

I could be wrong though.

The claims on there seem pretty crazy...I don't know..


i still would like to increase my squat, not really interested in the bench as muc has i am in the squat.


Lighten your wallet in one easy step.


haha looks like bs to me.


I got e-mails from his site and his "tips" are(not word for word,but basic idea):
For bigger arms throw in 3-4 sets of direct arm work
For bigger chest use a woder grip
blah blah blah

I call bs based on my emails.


why would you pay for a program when you're on a website that shows you how to achieve virtually any goal? I'll save you a lot of money...get on a clean bulk program and work on sticking points.

For bench:

Triceps. Board press/Floor press/close grip bench

Chest. Guillotine press (get a spotter...I'm very anti-smith machines). Decline Flies.
In normal Bench Press go halfway up, halfway down, all the way up, all the way down. Count that as 1 rep.

Anterior Deltoid. Getting worked with overhead presses and bench anyway. I personally don't think direct work is needed.

For Squat:

20-rep squats

Heavy walkouts are always a nice shocker for your CNS.

Squats with chains.

Quads. Hack squats. (This has never been a sticking point for me...I admit to performing non-ATG squats in the past).

Core. You should have a strong one already from military press and deadlifts....and squats really.

Hamstrings/Glutes. ATG squats. Romanian D/L. Lunges/Step-ups. Run from the police.

In closing, I hate bench press. For once I'd like a girl to ask me "How much do you deadlift?" I'll marry her on the spot.


The other day I was telling my wife about a session in the gym where I set a new 3 rep deadlift PR. I think that she nearly had an orgasm on the spot.