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Blast to Cruise Bloodwork Results. Clearance Times?

Sharing my experience with blood work after blast mostly because I had questions about prepping for TRT testing myself.

My last blast mid way through was 750 TC wk, 50 mg oxandrolone last six weeks, HGH last six weeks, continued until one week prior to blood test (couldn’t definitively find that HGH does not impact clearance rates, most of what I read said that HGH can increase TT). Last three weeks of blast I went from 750, 500, 200, then to my cruise dose of 120 for four weeks. Last week of blood work (this week), I did 40mg Monday, then blood work Thursday. My last TRT TT levels at 150mg/wk was 760. Today my readings were 868. My TRT MD likes blood work quarterly which makes blast a bit more difficult. Next blast I will cut one week earlier. I haven’t received the results of my lipids yet but surprisingly many of my panels showed improvements. Glucose non fasted improved, BUN, few others I wasn’t expecting. I gave blood last week, HCT went from 52 to 46.

My experience this blast compared to first blast of 500mg TC, 50 mg oxandrolone was that the gains I made this time came much later in the cycle. I hit a peak weight of 205 two weeks prior to the end of the cycle, which coincided with the second week of my calorie cut. I started this blast around 195. I gained very little weight the first few weeks, even though my calories were higher, but cleaner than my first blast. My first blast I gained 18 pounds, kept around 15 so I was happy. My goal this blast was to get to 200 lbs (I’m 5’ 8") and then cut. I would estimate I was 18 - 20% bf when I was done. Oblique lines visible when flexing. I can say this cut has been a piece of cake compared to anything I’ve done in years. I’m down to 190 and estimate 15% bf, goal is 10% by early June. Most abs are visible when flexed but not clean. I’ve been in the game a while and competed for years, if anything I’m over estimating not underestimating BF numbers, I just know you guys are rabid about peoples estimated lol.

Question for you fine people, and I know a lot of you do it: what do you like to run with TRT if you do? I’m aware of risk reduction, etc. TRT for life and my labs have looked decent through the year, so I’m going to try a compliment to my TRT for a while and check labs again. I would do primo but want to keep the hair a few more years while I can.

If your cruise is 120, why not go like 200, 250? Taper down before blood work. I know a guy who runs test and eq all the time. Others use mast. Hgh is also common.

I think most would be good with just a bit higher test as the first step. Hematocrit and BP are things to keep an eye on. I would probably do GH next.

thanks @mnben87 . At 120mg I’m good with most of the low T symptom resolution, although I was surprised with how much my libido went down this time after blast. I’m hoping an additional compound will add more from an anabolic perspective mg per mg, my thinking may be off here. I might add a little EQ, 100mg or so. I’m going to wrap up this last kit of HGH and hold off until my next blast. I know EQ can mess with HCT so I’ll keep it light, I get bloods pretty frequently. I love what I’m hearing with mast but trying to keep the DHT low. BP has been good, raised a bit on oxandrolone but good now.

I don’t think EQ, Mast, or Primo will add more from an anabolic perspective than test. I have not tried any of them, but I have heard that they are all a bit weaker than test. If you were already running higher test, then I think those would be a great option.

Maybe I had the wrong logic. Any utility in your opinion to the idea of cycling test keeping it as low as possible on cruise for a better response on blast? One of my worries is that if I keep test higher on cruise, my response to it on blast will be diminished. Another thought as to why to run a different compound during cruise but keeping total mgs down?

I think if you were to say run Test and EQ at 120, and 100 mg, that would be close to just running 200 mg Test. I think in either of those situations, that in a blast you are going to need more to have a significant change, compared to just the cruise of 120 mg.

I think the more developed guys have both bigger blasts and bigger cruises in general (some exceptions of course). The biggest guys I know cruise on 500 mg of test a week. Not a good idea IMO, and I think they would only be a bit less developed being on a responsible cruise of say 250 mg/wk. With AAS there is diminishing returns. One pays a big price to get those last gains. IMO, they are not worth it. I don’t think the price is too big in moving from 120 mg to 200 mg or even 250 mg (much past this is where diminishing returns heavily apply IMO).

You’ve already tried more compounds than me. For whatever it’s worth, my clinic keeps telling me the best add on to TRT is GH. They told me that if I could afford it long term, I would be the best version of me possible on that combo. But you just ran it, so whadda you think? Long term, I think:
-Orals are out
-Harsh 19-NORS are out
-Mast/winstrol/EQ are out
-primo is out (you aren’t ok with hair loss)

Not much left but GH I guess.

It is also likely the thing they make the most money on. FWIW, I think for long term health, it is a good add on.

So much conflicting data with GH. Some guys say it is an icing on the cake drug, some say it is very good for muscle growth. Don’t know what to believe.

Just the UGL, it’s been great for fat loss. I keep the dose between 2-3ius depending on if I’m also doing HCG. Doesn’t help sleep, I am having joint achiness but it’s tolerable for the fat loss. At this dose it’s not adding to the physique but definitely helping cut. Even though EQ is supposed to be run longer according to what I’ve read, I’m probably just going to try 100mgs for a bit and just experiment on myself. I still have all that NPP staring at me hahaha, I’ve considered 100mg a week for quite some time. I should just chuck it out so I’m not tempted.

:rofl: on the NPP! You know how many bottles of that stuff I have chucked in the trash and yelled, “NEVER AGAIN!”, only to text my clinic a couple months later to ask for three more?

So is this a no to Tren for us in the future hahaha?

Are they out of Florida by any chance?

Mast for the win. My fav compound so far. Good libido, good mood, only quality gains but not dramatic by any means. Just a good addition but it does negatively affect lipids.

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As you’ve read in my posts, I’m kinda reckless (with my own body, not with others). I’m limited only by what I am able to obtain legally. I would love to run it but am not able to obtain it legally. If you know someone with an MD that will send me some bottles with their name and an RX# on the side, I’m down!