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Blast Test C & Primo or Wait on Stack?

I’m currently waiting on a stack I ordered for my first blast (Test P, INJ Dbol, Ment, & Proviron). I’m on the fence on going straight into that stack for an 8-week blast or going with a Test C 500mg/wk & Primo 400mg/wk 4-week blast first. I like the idea of a milder first blast with some possibility to cut some fat…but I also like the idea of jumping in the deep end.

Looking for any advise, comments, criticisms, etc. Blasting/cruising (cycles) is all new to me and I’ve done quite a bit of research already…kind of feel like I’m going in circles now so looking to bounce this off others for feedback.

Little about me: 40yr old, powerlifter, TRT 140mg/wk, consistent gym 5-6 days/week, good diet (obvious unintended bulking for holidays…FML), no health concerns. Already on TRT so a blast/cruise appeals to me to maximize my efforts in the gym. Goals are to gain more strength and muscle while retaining as much as possible on cruise. No competitions other than within my gym but have thought about it just for the experience.


Using ment on a first blast… what the fuck

(Ment is trestolone for those who aren’t aware, an extremely powerful injectable anabolic steroid of which is arguably STRONGER than tren @weightliftingwithoutlimits)


Right? Hence my hesitation…

I consulted with somebody who looked at all my info like current labs etc. and that’s the protocol that was given to me. Everything is micro-dosed but I was surprised to see MENT on there. I did ask for a protocol to work up to it but haven’t heard back yet.

I’m sure it’s dose dependent but anecdotally the side effects of trestolone appear to be very difficult… if not impossible to manage

Are you taking like… 10mg of the stuff per week

Protocol calls for 12.5mg per day. Half-life of ment is like 8-12 hours supposedly.

If I jump straight in, I’ve even considered cutting the whole protocol in half to feel it out since I can always go up or just stop.

Perhaps that’s the half life of the base hormone, but you get trestolone decanoate… I was referring to like 10mg weekly

Cut that shit out (the ment), that’s the only advice I’m comfortable giving

Trestolone Acetate (the one I’m getting) is the shorter ester than Decanoate, correct?

Yes, don’t use it though

The risks outweigh the bebefits in any possibly perceived scenario here

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Could you expand on trestolone? I’m intrigued and the literature is limited

I’ve expanded on it prior, I’ll see if I can find the post because im out at the moment and thus don’t really have the time… sorry :neutral_face:

Thanks :slight_smile:

You’re going about this all wrong. A test c / primo cycle at 4 weeks is a waste of gear IMO. I’m not opposed to running them first cycle but you prob need to up the primo and lower the test for a more typical ratio and run them way longer. Speaking of… what’s wrong with the “go to” test only first cycle.

@unreal24278 nailed it on the Trest. I’ve only read of very experienced users making a go of it. Walk before you run and save the harsher stuff for when and if you stop making solid gains on the more mild protocols.

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What’s a standard test c / primo ratio and length? This is kinda where I’ve been going in circles in my reading (i.e. 400mg/wk primo good for beginner, primo no longer than 6 weeks but 4 is good, higher dose to max benefits, etc.).

Nothing wrong with the “go to” cycle…just read up that primo is relatively mild and a good addition to lean down a bit.

I appreciate everybody’s feedback for sure. Helps me weed through some BS and make sense of what I’ve been reading.

Aware me my brother on trestolone. Curious.

If you’re going to use trest you should really consider dropping testosterone to a minimum. Otherwise the e2 management is absolutely untenable. Guys get best results from trest when they run either no test or extremely low test.

Everything is dosed very small for daily’s. Test P is 30mg.

30/d? Because if so then that’s like 3x what you’ll want while on trest. Keep in mind that trest could theoretically be used as a trt drug if a few more clinical trials went the right way. It’s so estrogenic that you really, really don’t want to give yourself any more work when it comes to managing that aspect. Cutting test to zero or near zero has been, anecdotally, the most effective way of doing that.

So I’ve decided to keep it simple for my first blast and just go with Test C at 400-500mg per week for 12 weeks. This’ll let me see how my body takes to it and I can always add to it in later cycles.

I’ll shelf all the other stuff for later.

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Wise decision sir. I see no reason why you wouldn’t grow like a weed on that. You’ll likely have a more positive experience as well since its one of the more side effect free routes to proceed.

So I need an experienced opinion…

My TRT doc requested my next set of labs in 3 months and I was just starting a 12 week cycle of only Test C at 500mg/wk. I need to shorten my cycle to “normalize” before labs and was planning on dropping to 8 weeks. Should I stay with Test C or is there a better option (i.e. Test P) for the short cycle length?