Blast Straps or Chains?

Aside from ordering from Elite? And, if anyone knows any cost-effective ways to construct these yourself, I’m open to those ideas as well.


Get a 1" x 6" pipe nipple and put some rope through it.


Any suggestions as to how much rope?

[quote]Djwlfpack wrote:
Any suggestions as to how much rope?[/quote]

Depends what you are mounting it to. I will try to make a demo.


A buddy at my gym tried making a set of Blast Straps (he actually had not heard of Blast Straps and just wanted something similar) by getting a set of rings and attached them to ratcheting tie downs. They work okay, but I have the real deal and prefer the quality, construction and ease of use of the real thing. Also, his cost ended up greater than mine.

On the chains, as you’re probably aware you can’t go down to the local Home Depot and get 5/8 chain. I looked around at a few steel supply companies and couldn’t find a very good deal.

In the end, the owner of my gym had one of the members who works in construction get some chains through a contractor. We then cut it down ourselves. Total cost was a bit cheaper than ordering from Elite, but not a lot.

The key is getting it without having to pay the shipping. My suggestion is to sign up for the Elitefts newsletter if you aren’t already. They make a lot of special offers and you get a weekly update on training info, etc, and around once a month or two they typically offer free shipping and handling. Just wait til they make the offer and buy them both then.

Good luck whatever you do.