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Blast Straps Appreciation Society


B.S.A.S. is here!

Versatility is to Blast Straps as usefulness is to one's own penis. In fact, I am getting a little chubby when thinking about all of the wonderful positions I can get myself into.

Read here for the list of exercises you can do with the Blast Straps.

Suspended pushup is the primary exercise that I have tested so far ...and the results are noticeable after only a few weeks of:

1) Weighted Dips 5x5
2) Suspended Push ups (Feet on bench, straps close to the ground)
*Twice a week

I feel that the suspended push ups--legs on bench, straps close to ground--could replace incline bench pressing for a particular routine, especially for those that worry about shoulder health.

My only complaint is that I have to carry it in my backpack on my hilly journey home.

I usually hang mine from a cable station so I can do...:
A1) Weighted Dips

B1) Suspended Pushups
B2) High-to-Low Woodchops

...and so I don't occupy a squat rack on the occasions that people need it for some old fashion curls.


Blast-strap push-ups rule!!!!!!!



They are also awesome for pull-ups because you can start supinated and end pronated (or do anything in between).


I like it! Must purchase.


Have you tried blast strap dips yet?...those are definitely on my list. Right now, I'm working on fat man pullups with the blast straps.

This is a great piece of versatile equipment...and I probably should have posted this thread in the Strength Sports section. I think most of the trainees here will stick to their dumbbells and cables.


Hmmm...I should try them! More fun than regular dips.

Who said you can't use all of these things? :wink:


guys, I'm trying to make my own blast straps and would like to know the thickness of the webbing used on them. It looks like 1" although it could be 1 1/2"


Looks like 1 inch, but why not just buy some? It's a good investment ... oh and while you're at EFS get some of that iron bull jerky. It's tasty and damn tender.

And Nate Dogg,

Do you work out at home or in the gym? While I'm at the gym, I'll offer to let people use them if they inquire about the blast straps and they all gave thumbs up.

Anyway, curls with blast straps seem a lot more fun than a barbell since your body moves with the blast straps. I'll try those next.


I have a home gym.

I've done them, and I like them.

I've also used them for abdominal rollouts (very tough), inverted rows (great exercise), rear delt flyes and triceps extensions (also tough).


Some of us are too tall to face that way in the power rack.

However, I must agree, blast-strap push-ups are sweet! I have been attempting to do L-sits while using blast straps and failing repeatedly. Never daunted, I shall keep trying.


I love my BS. I liek the ab fallouts right now as I just started doign these pushups with a weightvest or band are great too. I take them EVERYWHERE.


Ha ha ha! I forgot about that. You guys have to face the other way or have someone stand on the back of the rack so it doesn't tip forward!


Alright, I think you guys have me convinced to buy them.


I do a push-up, inverted row, and ab walkout circuit. The variety is crazy, and I'm coming up with different exercises each time I use them.

They seem expensive until you get them. Once you inspect them, you realize you've purchased a piece of a equipment that will last a lifetime.