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Blast Strap Pull-Ups


Has anyone else tried doing chin/pull-ups from blast straps (real pull-ups not horizontal body rows)? I did them yesterday as assitance work on my upper body day and they are a new favorite. I haven't felt upper recruitment like that on any other exercise and will make your whole back sore the next day. Will also fry the forearms/biceps because they rotate. Does anyone else have any experience with these?


What is Blast Strap Pull-Ups?


Blast straps are sold at elitefts.com, they are similar to gymnastic ring.


I have done/do them and I love them. I usually do 4 or 5 sets of 8. If you want to try something similar but differnt try pullups with eagle loops.
Good luck



They don't seem much different to me than dead-hangs on a bar.

How do you like to rotate during the movement? I usually do them the easy way (start with pull-up grip, rotate through neutral, finish with chin, rings to shoulders). Doing them the hard way (neutral, rotate to pull-up grip) is... well, harder. False grip pull-ups are an absolute bitch... haven't done those in a while.


I usually do them the easy way. I want to be able to get 10 easily the easy way before moving on.