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Blast Strap/Power Rings

What exercises does everybody do with Power Rings or their cousin, the EliteFTS Blast Straps? Here are two of my favorites:

Pull-Ups, beginning pronated and ending supinated (or vice versa). Massive bicep builder.

Weighted Push-Ups (loaded using a ‘dipping’ belt), feet elevated on chair for a full-ROM. Really blasts the chest, triceps, and abs/obliques.

I have blast-straps and have used them for push-ups, fat-man pull-ups, ab rollouts, face pulls, triceps extensions and a few other exercises. I use them on and off depending on my training at the time.

I have power rings. I use them for muscle ups, pullups, dips, pushups, and L-sits. One of these days, I will hold an Iron Cross. I’m slowly working my way there.