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Blast Rotation?


Trying something new and would like some feedback from anyone else that has tried this. Instead of the cruise, just switching up cycle combos for a long blast.

So far
Tren Ace/Prop/Mast - wk 1- 16
Dbol - wk 12-22
Deca/Cyp - wk 17- tbd

I plan on adding another dbol blast to bridge the gap between the next transition once the deca gains slow. Thinking about going back to tren, possibly throwing an intermediate between like EQ. Keep the gains going.


What are you running for test with the dbol


Wow 10 weeks of dbol. And a 22wk cycle. That’s crazy long. Keep me posted on this cycle. I wanna know how it turns out. Good luck bro.


Test with my dbol? I usually stick to prop or cyp depending what else I’m running.

I don’t recommend my cycles to anyone as Im not planning on a future with a white picket fence and kids. Loving the results so far and nips are holding strong. Ran trenace/prop for 6 months last year. I’ll let you know in another 2 months.


Oh ok I miss read your post my bad man. And I know a couple guys who hustle gear like that