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Blast: Metabolic Interval Training

I read the article about Blast and really enjoyed it. I recently recovered from an injury, surgery and physical therapy so now I am ready to train hard and strip the fat off that I accumulated from being sedentary from all I went through.

I came up with my own 12 exercises to do for a Blast work out so I would like input from other people if my exercise selection and order are good, if there are exercises to take out and add and what else can I do to melt fat off quickley as far as other routines to add to Blast, etc…Any input would be greatly appriciated

these are the 12 exercises

  1. Standing cable press
  2. Bulgarian split squat right leg
  3. Bulgarian split squat left leg
  4. Jumping pull ups
  5. Reverse hyper bench
  6. Hang clean
  7. Single-leg hop while holding dumbbell on the same side left leg
  8. Single-leg hop while holding dumbbell on the same side right leg
  9. Push press
  10. Bent over row
  11. Russian twist with medicine ball
  12. Plyo push ups

lol wut

Do BB complexes or something. This just looks silly.

would you do all power movents? how many times per week? What rep range and rest would you recommend? How many sets and reps, etc…

I agree with Waylander. The list of exercises you wrote was flawed for two reasons:

  1. Too many exercises
  2. Some less useful exercises

For the goal of losing fat and being active, I would suggest you look up an article, but it’s not necessary. This kind of thing should be really simple, just fucking hard to do.

First priority for you, saying that you’re coming back from recent injury, is don’t mess up by being ‘hardcore’, by a) choosing exercises that hurt you again or b) rushing through the exercises with poor form and hurting yourself again. Once that is understood, here is my suggestion:

Example: Take a weight you can Military press about 8 times.
You will perform 4 exercises, back to back, with no rest, for ten reps each, except for Military press, for which you will do about 6 reps (as this is most people’s weakest ‘big’ lift)

The exercises are, in order:
Bent-over row
Front squat
Military press.

At first, 10 deadlifts with that bar will seem easy to do. Fine, do it fast, in good form, then move on to the next exercise. You will soon get sore, tired, sweaty etc. Trust me this stuff is hard.

I write the exercises on a piece of paper and stick it to the wall in front of me. That way, I am only focusing on each rep, and PUSHING (/PULLING) AS HARD AS I CAN until i complete my reps and look up to see what the next movement is.

Start off doing this for 5 solid minutes at the end of your weights workout. You can increase from there.

hey thanks alot for the input, i really appriciate the advice and I am definetly going to change things around. But just so I understand You wnat me to do the complex you suggested at the end of a regular work out?

I did suggest you do it at the end of workouts. That is because a) I do it that way at the momemnt and b) I was only suggesting you start with 5 minutes. That is only ‘part’ of a workout, in my opinion.

I listed a clear and thorough example of an effective complex circuit, and gave you instructions how to start it because to be honest you seem overly analytical, understandably so if you’ve been out of th egame with an injury.

Nonetheless you should just do the exercises as I listed, and think no more of it, until in a few weeks time you think “This feels really easy”. Then, and only then, either a) up the weight or b) increase the time duration to 10 minutes or so.

Warm up thoroughly, set a timer for 5 minutes, load the bar, then DO IT. That is the main thing: Don’t ‘THINK’, ‘DO’. Remember, this type of workout can be hard, but simple

I like what danny posted, give it a shot, let us know how it goes.

Thanks alot, I appriciate your time and Ill revamp my work out. I tore my bicep tendon off and it has been a bad recovery for various reasons, and I am at that frustrated phase because I use to be very strong and in decent shape for a big guy. I put on weight and lost a little less than half my strenth in most lifts. So right now I want to focus on fat loss, and then I thought I would go through a strenth phase and then hit a hypertrophy phase and then cut up by next spring and hopefully things will be back to normal. Again thanks alot!

I will definetly let you guys know, thanks

You’re initial program looks like a crossfit workout, all the same symptoms. Nothing worse than being skinny fat. Danny has a good start for you posted. Good luck on your come back.

The BB complexes are great. Danny gave you great advice. As you get comfortable with them you can use them as your warm up also. I will do 3 sets as a warm up. The first set is the bar only and 2nd and 3rd are progressively heavier, but not too heavy. Remember its just a warm up. The one at the end of your workout, if done right, can be a small HIIT session. 3 sets using the same weight with 60-90 sec rest between 3-4 sets. Works great.

thanks for all the great advice guys