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Blast From The Past . . .

Tissue drugs. Anybody remember those?


[quote]Wreckless wrote:
Tissue drugs. Anybody remember those?

www.musclememory.com/articles/TissueDrugs.html [/quote]

Wow…the anti-steroid crowd will love reading that, and try to apply it as “fact” even for today.

I wonder why Weider ever stopped making Crash-Weight Gain? After reading the last paragraph, you would think it would still be a hot product.

"If You Want More Weight,
Use Weider Crash-Weight

In our own research, once again the natural way has proven the best. In clinic conducted experiments, one subject gained 5 pounds in 5 weeks with one of the tissue drugs. Yet this same person gained 9 pounds in 8 days with Weider Crash Weight-Ganing Formula #7! Another of our subjects, who has been very slim after suffering an auto accident, tried three of the various tissue drugs at different times, and gained not one ounce. The natural nutrients contained in our Crash-Weight formula are the best proteins and carbohydrates money can buy . . . our formula represents a true break-through in weight-gaining natrually and safely.

Therefore, if you want to gain muscular weight quickly and safely, if you don not want to run the risk of upsetting your internal metabolism, if you want the natural, proven way, go Weider. Crash Weight-Gaining Formula #7 will give you the weight you desire without dangerous side-effects, and it will give you more weight in less time. Combined with the Weider System and your Weider barbell-dumbbell set, there is no finer way to that Mr. America physique.

Once again, the Weider Research Clinic says this: Tissue-building drugs are dangerous . . . they cannot be obtained without a perscription, and no competant doctor will give you a perscription unless you are in need of a specific medicine. These pills, do not give you fabulous gains, but rather less than you can gain with natural nutrition. We advise all bodybuilders who want to gain weight safely and naturally to order Weider Crash Weight-Gaining Formula #7 . . . it’ll be the best muscle buiding investment you ever made!"

See there you go?put down the dart?and drink more Weider crap?

Lol…that article was hilarious!!!

[quote]Wreckless wrote:
Tissue drugs. Anybody remember those?


Wow… If anyone should be patted on the back, it’s Bill Philips. He and Anthony Alameda brought P.A.S. and creatine to the market, and gave us hope in products that worked. And for christs’ sakes, the Weider shit was hell trying to drink.

I know my rant is a bit off subject, but Designer Protein, EAS, and a couple others changed the game (and taste) for other companies like the one’s we see now!

TC was a part of that transformation in supp history!