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Blast Cycle On TRT (Extensive Details)

I am a 27-year-old Caucasian male, height 5’11", weight 166 pounds, approximately 19% Body Fat, and I am on TRT (160mg Test C with 1mg Arimidex weekly, split into 2 SubQ Injections (80 mg Test C and 0.5mg Adex twice a week). I am running new TRT bloodwork in a few weeks.

After I cut down to 10-12% BF, get my TRT protocol dialed in, and remain at the TRT dose for several months (at least 2-3 more months), I would like to do a blast cycle to gain a bunch of muscle mass. Blast cycle wise I am thinking of doubling my Test C and Adex doses (320mg and 2mg respectively) for 10-12 weeks. This is assuming I am 100% dialed in at these doses.

Would this be a good first time blast cycle? Any thoughts, concerns, or suggestions?

Bloodwork posted below was when I weighed 186 pounds with 26% Body Fat (Dec 2018) - I also have more pre- and post-TRT bloodwork (if needed/necessary to post). I am running TRT bloodwork again in a few weeks:

TOTAL TESTOSTERONE 708 ng/dL 300 - 1,080 ng/dL 12/03/2018 8:09 AM
FREE TESTOSTERONE 159 pg/mL 47 - 244 pg/mL 12/03/2018 8:09 AM
BIO TESTOSTERONE 482 ng/dL 131 - 682 ng/dL 12/03/2018 8:09 AM
% FREE TESTOSTERONE 2.3 % 1.6 - 2.9 % 12/03/2018 8:09 AM
ESTRADIOL (ULTRASENSITIVE/PED) 49 pg/mL < OR = 29 pg/mL 12/03/2018 8:09 AM
SEX HORMONE BIND PROTEIN-SHBG 22 nmol/L 11 - 80 nmol/L 12/03/2018 8:09 AM
CHOLESTEROL 150 mg/dL 100 - 199 mg/dL 12/03/2018 8:09 AM
HDL CHOLESTEROL 36 mg/dL 40 - 120 mg/dL 12/03/2018 8:09 AM
TRIGLYCERIDES 56 mg/dL 40 - 249 mg/dL 12/03/2018 8:09 AM
LDL CHOLESTEROL 103 mg/dL ? mg/dL 12/03/2018 8:09 AM
SODIUM 139 MEQ/L 135 - 145 MEQ/L 12/03/2018 8:09 AM
POTASSIUM 4.0 MEQ/L 3.5 - 5.2 MEQ/L 12/03/2018 8:09 AM
CHLORIDE 104 MEQ/L 99 - 108 MEQ/L 12/03/2018 8:09 AM
CARBON DIOXIDE 26 MEQ/L 22 - 32 MEQ/L 12/03/2018 8:09 AM
GLUCOSE 97 mg/dL 65 - 140 mg/dL 12/03/2018 8:09 AM
BUN 13 mg/dL 6 - 24 mg/dL 12/03/2018 8:09 AM
CREATININE 0.90 mg/dL 0.50 - 1.40 mg/dL 12/03/2018 8:09 AM
CALCIUM 9.6 mg/dL 8.6 - 10.3 mg/dL 12/03/2018 8:09 AM
TOTAL PROTEIN 7.6 G/DL 5.8 - 8.0 G/DL 12/03/2018 8:09 AM
ALBUMIN 4.9 G/DL 3.4 - 5.2 G/DL 12/03/2018 8:09 AM
BILIRUBIN, TOTAL 0.8 mg/dL 0.2 - 1.1 mg/dL 12/03/2018 8:09 AM
AST 22 U/L 6 - 35 U/L 12/03/2018 8:09 AM
ALK PHOS 101 U/L 30 - 125 U/L 12/03/2018 8:09 AM
ALT 47 U/L 5 - 50 U/L 12/03/2018 8:09 AM
GFR – NON-AFRICAN AMERICAN above 60 ML/MIN 60 - 100 ML/MIN 12/03/2018 8:09 AM
WBC 7.0 K/uL 4.0 - 10.7 K/uL 12/03/2018 8:09 AM
RBC 5.35 10*6 4.20 - 5.60 10*6 12/03/2018 8:09 AM
HEMOGLOBIN 15.6 GM/DL 13.2 - 17.4 GM/DL 12/03/2018 8:09 AM
HEMATOCRIT 45 % 38 - 50 % 12/03/2018 8:09 AM
MCV 84 80 - 98 12/03/2018 8:09 AM
MCH 29 27 - 34 12/03/2018 8:09 AM
MCHC 35 % 33 - 37 % 12/03/2018 8:09 AM
RDW 13.4 8.0 - 18.5 12/03/2018 8:09 AM
PLATELET COUNT 210 10*3 140 - 450 10*3 12/03/2018 8:09 AM
Neutrophils, Absolute 4.50 K/uL 2.00 - 7.30 K/uL 12/03/2018 8:09 AM
Lymphocytes, Absolute 1.80 K/uL 1.00 - 3.40 K/uL 12/03/2018 8:09 AM
MONOCYTES, ABSOLUTE 0.60 K/uL 0.00 - 0.80 K/uL 12/03/2018 8:09 AM
Eosinophils, Absolute 0.10 K/ul 0.0 - 0.5 K/ul 12/03/2018 8:09 AM
Basophils, Absolute 0.00 K/uL 0.0 - 0.2 K/uL 12/03/2018 8:09 AM

I’m willing to bet you can gain some pretty good size from just having try dialed in well for a while. Seriously. I went from 145 to 185 in 18 months of lifting, 12 of it on trt. Give yourself some time to get used to the protocol (more than 2-3 months) and I’ll bet you’ll be happy with the results. After that blast away. But do not double the adex dosage. You will be unhappy with how that turns out.


As long as you are healthy(blood pressure, cholesterol, blood glucose, etc.) then I don’t see anything wrong with your blast. You may not need that much adex, but it’s all individual. I would start smaller and increase only if you are having side effects of high E because crashing your estrogen is horrible.

Another personal opinion of mine, I would do 500mg test per week, but you should have no problem with 320 either, it just might be a little underwhelming, but you could always increase the dose on your next blast.

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If it’s a fair bet to extrapolate the current situation, where 160 mg T with 1 mg of Adex = ~50 pg/ml E2, I’m afraid it’s not gonna get any better with a double dose of T and AI kept the same. But I agree, it’s better to err on the side of caution.

Here’s what I’d do (and actually did sg similar). Try 320 for 4 weeks with 1 or 1.5 mg of Adex. Run labs + asses how you feel. If necessary, adjust.
If no major problems crop up, increase to 500 mg and extrapolate the AI conclusions from 320.


The 49 Estradiol was while I was on 0.5mg Adex a week with 160mg test. I am now on 1mg Adex a week with 160mg test and running bloods in a few weeks (about 2 months since the adjustment). If everything checks out, then I will retest again in 2-3 months to verify things are still on track (to be extra sure and since my BF continues to drop - higher BF = more aromatase enzyme).

I agree with the other poster, if you’re gonna blast you may as well go for the tried and tested 500mgs, as for the AI that’s up to you to find out what works. Having some nolva on hand is always a good idea too.

Good luck mate

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What would the nolvadex be used for?

Main use is to prevent gyno

My E2 is already being controlled sufficiently with Adex (assuming upcoming bloodwork tests good). I am not going to run PCT (as I am on TRT). I don’t think I need nolva. Thanks for the advice though.

Just take the test (500 mg) and drop the AI man. Run 10 mg daily tamoxifen on cycle. You’re talking about just a shit ton of arimidex. If you need that much arimidex on that dosage then blasting isn’t for you. I’ve written extensively about this on this site.

Maybe a good time to ask again :wink: Can tamoxifen help with mental/cognitive/mood effects of E2 running high?
I had no gyno issue at 80, but the lethargy and brain fog (that was cleared rapidly after using an AI) made me virtually disfunctional at work and at home.
We know Nolva works in the breast, but does it work its magic elsewhere in the body too?

I’ve often times thought this too and have discussed it with @physioLojik

He has stated that E2 sides other than in the breast are not common in his patients, however I still do not think Tamox will help with mental E2 sides and also other sides related to high E2 such as water retention.


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For me, the mental side of high e2(anxiety depression specifically) ARE NOT relieved with tamoxafin, AI is necessary and relieves symptoms in a mater of days.



So 2mg of Adex a week is a lot? Can you point me to a detailed article(s) that I can reference?

I am hoping that my need for an AI will be reduced or eliminated on TRT as my Body Fat continues to drop. Then my AI usage needs will be reduced on a blast cycle.

I am definitely not ready for a cycle at this time, but I am gathering as much info as I can. Thanks for the info!

@adventurearchit hey man. 2mg of arimidex is an insanely large amount. I’ve posted studies as well as videos on the subject of estrogen controls. I am a less is more guy - even when I cycle. If you need a drug to control the side effects of the original drug - your dosage is too high. Use as much as you can without the need to take a med that destroys lipids, joints, serotonin production, and generally fucks up your body.

I don’t use an AI? @physiolojik were you intending to tag me?

I used it in my younger years as prescribed by a medical professional for short stature (7mg/wk), my lipids were trashed while on (HDL in the mid 30s, LDL in the 130s-140s, I’d assume if I’d been using AAS my lipid profile would’ve been a WHOLE lot worse lol)

@unreal24278 I tagged you because you have real world experience of using silly dosages of an AI.

Ahhhh ok, well it sucked tremendously. Hot flushes, joint pain, shitty lipids, low BMD etc. Libido wasn’t terrible though, what else, cracky everything and shitty mood…

I know of two ER positive breast cancer patients (ones recovering and one is kinda… 50/50 (one is close family one isn’t) both HATE using adex and letrozole (granted doses are to wipe out estrogen completely) but still they’re fucking nasty drugs… Better than cancer I guess :frowning:

So @physioLojik, just curious, in you’re younger days of bodybuilding (where you may have either not known any better or were using very high doses) did you ever use aromatase inhibitors?

My original TRT protocol called for 1mg Adex per week. My HDL subsequently dropped and LDL increased. I also had symptoms of low E2 several times with labs confirming my E2 was low. After playing with dosages I finally dropped it about 6 months ago. Since then my HDL has improved 20%, LDL dropped about the same, and no more joint issues. Still fighting the effects of it crushing my libido.

I’m just about ready to drop my adex entirely from my trt protocol. My doc is not necessarily against the idea, but he’s a little more by-the-numbers, and my e2 is on the higher side of things, so he’s not exactly enthusiastic about the idea.

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