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Blast/Cruise, Running Out of Test


I am currently blast cruising test (200mg test cruises followed by 400mg test/400mg masteron blasts).

Due to the outbreak I am only cruising but will run out of test in a few weeks. I have a brand new mast enanthate and a brand new tren enanthate sitting in my closet.

Question - can I run tren or mast as standalones until I can get more test? Unfortunately I can’t get more test or PCT drugs at the moment due to the corona situation.

Thanks in advance :call_me_hand:

If I am you, I am cutting that 200 mg of test down to whatever is the lowest amount you feel good on. I know that several online UGLs have test (try to find one with domestic shipping as it will be faster). I would try to order that ASAP. This is what I would do.

Agree with @mnben87 here, you can cut your test down to 100 per week and add 100 mast and you probably wont notice too much. Leave the tren for another time.

No. You need a compound that aromatizes. Neither of those do.