Blast Cruise? Or Blast Cruise PCT?

Hello all

I am running a cycle of Test E @ 750mg +/- a week, (for 12-14 weeks) and am coming up towards the end of my cycle.
My question is this. I am planning on cruising after this cycle

  1. Do I cruise for the the same amount of time I was on cycle? I’d like to cruise for 2 months only. Would like opinions and experiences.

  2. How much Test E do I cruise on? A safe bet from my research is 250-400mg per week. Opinions, advice?

  3. Do I continue popping my AI every other day like I currently am? Or do I lessen it? My opinion is to only use if sides emerge, and if not every 4 days. Current AI is Arimidex (Anastrozol) - (.5mg every other day)

Thank you in advance

Blasting a cruising are you? What made you decide to do that? How old are you?

You don’t sound like you have enough experience with AAS to start cruising. Some of your questions are absurdly basic. You sure you are ready?

Bump for answers

No answers for you but I’ll give you my opinion.

You’re an idiot.

[quote]pex86 wrote:
No answers for you but I’ll give you my opinion.

You’re an idiot.[/quote]

/end of thread.


If you are going to cruise, you need to know about best TRT practices.

Please go to the TRT [testosterone replacement] forum and read:

Protocol for injections

hematocrit !!!
PSA if >40
TSH [should be nearer to 1.0]

Your anastrozole dose should be adjusted to get near E2=22pg/ml
If you then change serum T levels, you need to adjust anastrozole proportionately.

This is bad thinking: “My opinion is to only use if sides emerge, and if not every 4 days.”

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OP i’m 100% pro blast and cruise, I think cycling is dumb. That being said, I think you need to do more research before making that commitment

But to answer 250mg test-e is a generic cruise dose, as far as your AI that’s going to be individual. I don’t need an ai at all on that dose of test and bloods show my e2 is in range. I have friends that aromatize at a much higher rate and need .5mg eod still.

as another person said blood work will answer these questions.

But think long and hard if you are ready for this commitment, I don’t think you are dumb as some other jackass said, but I think you need to fully appreciate the gravity of your choice here.

Mtag666: What E2 levels do you get on cruise without an AI?

I end up about 35 on 250mg test. Which has my blood levels at 1500 ng/dl, I like to roughly follow the 1:50 esto to test ratio alot of gear users have suggested. In this scenario that would suggest I need 30 estro to balance out 1500ng/dl test, but when I do use an AI on a cruise it is basically impossible for me to get the dosing right. It ends up crashing (well at least I get the symptoms of crashed estro) whenver I try.

When I first started using gear I always tried to keep estro near the suggested range, 20-40 or thereabouts? (don’t quote me on the exact range idr offhadn) but I found I would end up getting low estro symptoms even with a estro in range. For example on 750mg test I got an estro reading back at 35, and felt like I had bottomed out my e2. dick issues, lethargy, joints felt horrible, so I backed off the AI. In a way it makes sense as the suggested range is for people wiht physiological test levels, so of course they would also ideally have less estro.

I don’t mean to suggest everyone is the same as me, but I feel and function so much better (in all areas of life, gym, sexually, well being) following this sort of guideline.

So you dont use ai at all? Do you use nolva? I think im very sensitive to ai too i crash very easy, for a gram of test i use only 3x0,25 adex