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Blast & Cruise - Impact on Fertility

Dear Brothers of the Iron,

I have a question with regards to keeping fertile while blasting and cruising.
Despite the fact that I have been reading quite a lot on this subject here, I have not been able to find a definitive answer to the question of how fertility is impacted when blasting & cruising, given that one also uses HCG.
Let’s say I would do moderate blasts of 350mg Test E and 250mg Mast E, followed by a cruise of 125mg Test E. Would injecting 250mg HCG E3D be sufficient te keep my fertility?
If I would decide to start with attempting to have children (in about 3 years time), I would stick to a TRT dose + HCG. Is that protocol OK?

Thank you for help!


Anybody who can weigh in on this?

No one man is the same when it come to aas. There is no definitive answers.

Some men are fertile on blasts

Some men are infertile

Some men who are infertile on a blast become fertile from hcg

Some men dont become fertile from hcg

Those men who dont may become fertile from hmg

Some men dont become fertile from hmg

Then there is triptorelin this is a 1 shot chance it could work may not. However use with extreme caution if used in large multiple doses it is chemical castration

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OK, thanks for the reply.

Good insurance to save some juice at the sperm bank. Especially if you are committing to blast and cruise.

@KSman Care to weigh in?