Blast & Cruise Dosing?

Planning a third cycle. Already have three vials of test p. Won’t be cycling off this time, will be tapering down from 750mgs/week to 150mgs/week cruise dose, of course bloods will follow once levels are steady to ensure that dose is appropriate.

When I decide to blast again should I maintain the cruise dose on test c of 150mgs/week and match the prop injections ed to achieve desired test levels. Example, 75mgs: Monday & Thursday test c, 50mgs/ED test prop. This whole b&c is new to me, wanna make sure I get it right.

Thanks for the advice in advance!u

Age? Because Forever is a long fucking time.

Why not cycle different compounds along with a lower dose Test?

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  1. I understand the consequences, I’ve had sperm frozen because that’s my biggest concern. The cycling on and off is a hormonal nightmare. I may add Tren in but I haven’t decided yet. My biggest question right now is can I continue the cruise dose and add in more test in the form of prop so it’s not just sitting in my drawer for eternity and then when the blast is over, I just continue injecting the test C.

You know what else is a nightmare, injecting twice a week for life. I am not going to give Gear advice as I dont have the experience. BUT I will give common sense advice, life advice, whatever you want to call it. Unless you are becoming so pro in some form or another, 28 is too young to be injecting for life.

It seems the census on these forums are moving away from the high dose Test and increasing other compounds. Even more frequent cycles with shorter lengths.

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How much do you have to freeze?

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Damn what a rip off! I have some extra space send it my way il charge you half of what they do. Il even send you picture updates monthly to show you they are safe

Zeek, I’ll send you my sperm if ya answer my question

This the question? If so just blast with more test c why use prop? Anyways prop should be pinned ED in my opinion but no don’t stop the test c just keep your cruise dose and add whatever extra prop on top this will make going back to the cruise easy you just stop the prop.

Also my opinion if your gonna blast and cruise look into other shit besides testosterone for blast and keep a cruise test dose while using more effective aas. As to what compounds that would be you need to make that decision after doing research and deciding what would fit you best.

I appreciate the jizz offer but the more I think about it my freezer gives stuff frost bite probably not optimal for sperm

Don’t lie, when your egg whites and protein powder run low, you just don’t want to risk needing to use another source of protein from the freezer.

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I’m planning to add in Tren, but wanted to nail down the test issue first. Gotta use the prop, initial picked it up to use between long ester and pct but won’t be pcting now.

What is your opinion on low dose test/moderate dose Tren or moderate test/moderate dose Tren.

I prefer low test (low for me is 150-200 mg/week but some go even lower) with everything. My cruise test dose is 200mg so I stay on that and run other compounds higher.