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Blast, Cruise a Couple Months Then PCT

So I’m planning out my next cycle at the moment and I’m curious to here what popular opinion is on the idea of blasting 10-12 weeks possibly a test-e/t-bol combo. (Dosage still tbd) After that cruising for a couple months at 250/w test. Obviously followed up with a longer proper pct. The idea is to try to hold onto the gains through the summer.

My best guess is this is a bad idea. Sides would outweigh the benefits. Just curious if anyone has done this and what their experience was like.

Lift heavy,

I think this is a good guess. The longer you are on, the harder the PCT. If your diet and training are good, then you should hold on to most of your gains without cruising and risking shutdown.

I’ve been cruising on TRT for a few years with a few blasts in that time, but that’s my only experience - never done a PCT.

Forget the cruise and use a test taper to come off to hold onto maximum gains.


I’ve never tried tapering off before. What would you suggest for dosages?

Search the test taper protocol on this site.