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Blast and Cruise


I know there are at least a couple of regular contributors to this forum who are into the blast and cruise strategy.

I am at the stage now where my natural T levels are down the tube (54 going on 55). No energy, mental fog etc. Being in Aus, HRT via a doc is a pain in the ass, so I am going my own way.

At the moment I have a decent amount of Test E, proviron and anavar coming my way. Also still have a fair bit of OT left over from my last cycle. Have liquidex, nolva and clomid.

Seeking suggestions on appropriate long term blast and cruise strategy. BTW, I am around 235 lb, 5'10", BF too high (mid-20s?).


Well when you blast use whatever compounds you want. Cruising is usually what differs between members here. I try and bring my test levels down to normal/high levels. I use between 125-200mg test per week. Usually if i'm only using 125mg of test per week I'm using a little masteron along with it.

Basically the purpose of cruising is to prevent the body's test levels from crashing and losing your gains... and your mind lol. When i'm done with a cycle i taper down to the dose i will be cruising at, I try and dose low enough so that i can keep my mass even at this reduced level of anabolic help. This is so the next time i "Blast" i can make some more decent progress.


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Thanks for the replies T1g and Bushy. How long do you taper down over? I guess to some extent that depends on your "blast" dose.


It depends on the dose say if im using 1 gram of test a week the next week i will use 750 then 500 then 250 over three weeks to a month. You can take longer if you wish.
Just to add something. While you are cruising i would recomend you always use atleast a small amount of test, i've tried it without, and i just didnt feel "right". However it's up to you find out what works.


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Thanks to you both again. I was certainly planning on using test for the cruise.


Good for you! Without a doubt the best way to go, especially at your age.

As stated, you can blast with whatever you choose for as long as is reasonable.

I would say cruise is test only, for as long as you blasted if not longer. I would not go any higher than 250/wk.

This is just me however.

"I'm not a dr, but I did stay at a holiday inn express last night"



Thanks! Isn't it great when everyone is singing from the same hymn sheet?