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Blast and Cruise


I decided that just a cycle every few months will not suffice and such I want to go on a b;last and cruise mission.
This is my idea:
100 test e splin into 2 injections/week
250iu hcg EoD
1mg arimidex/week, split
This woule be the cruise and I'd run it for about 3 months then do a 2 months blast, again 3 months cruise, etc.
Now the blast part would look like this:
750-1000 test e/week
????iu hcg/week
???? arimidex/week
If someone could help me fill in the ???? I'd really appreciate it and also if someone could tell me for how long can I keep this going.
I was thinking till I grow old and die but perhaps it's not a good idea?
I'm 28 years old and tho I do not think I need TRT I'd still like to run it since I like both working out and muscle pumping and I figure that if I am always on T I just cant lose my gains if training and diet is right.
Also what tests should I run and how often? Besides E2 that I read it's a bitch if not kept on a leash.

Thank you.


I don't know how people B&C, but if it were me I'd want a script for the cruise part and find a supply on my own for the blast. I would not want to depend on UGL's or some other illegal channel for my TRT.

If you can design a cycle, you can certainly figure out how to tank your T levels so you can get a script.


Didn't that guy that starred in the Jackass movie finally kill himself just recently? I think he made it into his thirties. That's pretty old, isn't it?


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Well I can mess my T up so that I can get a prescription, that is not a big problem, the problem is with idiot doctors here that would NEVER also give me hcg or arimidex.


So I realised that the hcg dose should be the same during blast as it is during cruise since it has really nothing to do with the ammount of roids you inject right?
All I would like to know now is for how long can I keep this protocol going and what should the arimidex dose be during blast.
Thank you!


No one knows how long you can keep this going, although TRT is generally for life. So, if you're not prepared to devote yourself to TRT for the rest of your life, you should not be considering this.

Start with 1 mg/week of Arimidex and go up from there. Of course, you'll be getting lots of blood tests, right?

Just to clarify, you don't suffer from low T, you just like the way you feel while on....?


Well I wont even start till I get my blood tested.
1mg/week was the cruise dose right? so then on blasts I should bump it to perhaps double? Never been on arimidex so I have no idea what to expect/look for.
And yeeeah... As far as I know my T is fine and I do love being on(as retarded as that is and I know it is :).

I did have a nasty major depressive episode a while ago and it came with very low lobido(actually I had 0 interest in sex) and now that I know a lot more about T than I did then I really think it came from a drop in T but as usual the doc poped me full of pills and never did any tests...
From a certain age T drops anyway so I was thinking why not benefit from the same amount as a 20 years old does, even more.

Another reason I want to cruise is because I intend to do heavy cycles and am afraid I might not recover fast nuff or even at all.
Been reading about people being on for a whole year with B&C and then coming of for a year and repeat.
Perhaps that might work?...
If my T levels are good I will just cycle if it is low or lowish I'll cruise to.


Nother question before I go do my tests and get on TRT, is there a way to go off of TRT?
Lets say some years pass and I decide I want to restart my own boys how would I go about it?
I rather ask here than some idiot doctor...


You might be better served in the steroid forum.


Can someone move this to the steroids forum please?


HCG @ 250iu twice a week is adequate for the blast and cruise.

the HRT test dose is usually 100-250 mg a week of a long estered test like enan, cyp or decanote split into 2 or 3 doses to ensure as stable as possible blood levels.

Adex on the cruise is dosed in order to keep E2 in the low normal range, I THINK the optimal level is 25 but check the stickies in the HRT forum, if you want to go onto HRT you need to read them.

The adex dose will need adjusting accordingly on the blast.


Well thank you very much!
Will begin reading all there is about it.


Got another question, would runing 250 deca/week during blast along with 750 test e make a difference compared to runing 1000 test e? And if not what is the test e/deca ratio I should be using keeping in mind I don't want to go over 1000/week on this second cycle/blast?
Thaks again.


There is no ideal ratio as such (thanks Bonez :wink: only a replacement dose of test is required. Libido will tank though from the deca if prolactin becomes elevated.

Having said that, I was running 600mg test with 400mg deca a week with great results. I can't say it was better than a 1000mg test (I have done that) I just think it was a nice change and my first time with deca.

I would stick with test if you are concerned about complications, if you have AI, and are B&C (so PCT is of no concern) potentially less can go wrong with test. I know BBB prefers NPP to nandrolone decanote.


Thanks for the help buddaboy, perhaps I will stick with 1000 test e/week and try deca or npp another time.
I already got 40 amps of test e anyway.